Secret Area in Clash Royale

Secrets that will Take you Down the Road to a Long Winning Streak

Have you ever wondered what secrets lie in the vast, unending realm of Clash Royale? You may have conducted a bit of research or asked around in your clan, but do you really think you have unearthed all the hidden glitches and scoured every nook and corner of this tantalizing virtual universe? Think again, because here we reveal 5 best-kept secrets of the game which are bound to surprise you – pleasantly of course!
Clash Royale Secrets Revealed

The Stat-Viewing Feature:

How many times have you cursed in anger at losing a match just because you dropped a weaker spell at the opponent’s tower or a low ranged troop, thus letting the guy win by about a second or two? At that point, the apparent absence of troop/spell statistics may have struck you. However, the stats were always right there in front of you for the taking. All you need to do is hold down the troop/spell card in your rotating deck, and the statistics of that one will pop right up.

Clash Royale Hog Rider Route Change

Change the Route of your Hog Rider:

When you drop your hog rider anywhere near the center of your tower, it will ideally take the bridge and target the nearest defensive building. Let us suppose that your opponent has a cannon placed on the right side of the arena near the bridge and a mortar on the left side near the tower. How then could you get your hog to target the mortar first? It’s simple! Just drop another low-level troop on the right side near the bridge and let the hog and the additional troop enter the bridge at the same time. That way, the troop will push the hog rider toward the left, thus getting it to target the mortar which will then be the nearest to it. Use the same trick to target some far end defense on the right, placing your bullying troop on the left.

Clash Royale Giant Skeleton Trick

The Giant Skeleton (GS) Bomb Trick:

Do you absolutely love the Giant Skeleton but wish that he could die a quick death, thus triggering the bomb earlier? With the clone spell, you can get two giant bombs, one detonating much before the other. Since the cloned GS has lower HP than the original GS, it will die far quicker, thus clearing the way for the original GS. The original one can immediately reach your opponent’s tower, hitting the latter with a much higher bomb damage. As you might know, under some circumstances, the entire tower breaks down with the GS death bomb.

Clash Royale Trainer Coincedence

The Trainer Coincidences:

Did you know that Trainer Cheddar’s behavior is his namesake? Cheddar means ‘Cheater’, and he has an insurmountable amount elixir to spend. Thus, he is able to drop troops at a much faster rate, proving to be a competitive character. And did you know that Trainer Jason is named after the first tournament winner of Clash Royale? He has been programmed to play the same deck invented by Jason, the winner. And if you might have noticed, Trainer Max has all his cards of the maximum level, except Legendary cards which are high-level ones nonetheless.


Only a rare few players in the game know these tips and tricks. Become a part of this singular club and chop and stomp every opponent as you never before have.

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