Clash Royale Deck Building

6 Tips that will Help you on your Path to the Top

Clash Royale Tips

When it comes to building Clash Royale decks in the initial stages, you would realize that you can eventually learn with experience. However, it may take many trials and errors on your part to land the ideal deck that would suit your style of play. You will be well on your way to a winning streak after you have ended up with the perfect combo. Here are 6 outstanding tips that will help you reach that all-powerful deck faster.


The Best Deck doesn’t
Contain the most Powerful Cards:

Powerful Cards Clash Royale

Let us suppose that you were lucky enough to get 8 Legendary cards. Would you use all of them in your deck? You will, of course, check whether or not all of them work in conjunction with each other. Consider another example – you are the owner of a soccer club with unlimited sponsors backing it. You have enough funds to sign the best strikers, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers in the game.

But two out of the three strikers like to play their own game and prefer to hog the limelight. All three midfielders are playmakers and like to keep as much possession as possible. And you’ve got a solid defense but none of the defenders can dribble through the opponent strikers to pass the ball to the waiting midfielders. Such a team can be easily overcome by another club consisting of less skillful players but excellent co-ordination. Teamwork is what matters. All players should be in perfect sync with each other.

The same concept applies to a Clash Royale deck. You don’t need all the powerful cards in the game to make a great deck. You only need those cards that complement each other in-game.


Clash Royale Melee Vs. Ranged Troops

You should have a good mix of defensive and offensive troops in your deck – ideally, half defensive, half offensive, and half melee, half ranged. Note that some cards are good on defense as well as offense; use them wisely. You might think that it is better to use all ranged troops in order to counter air decks. However, did you know that melee troops can keep the air attackers occupied while your ranged ones take them down? Melee attackers have better HP and damage than ranged ones after all.

Of Point and
Splash Damage:

Clash Royale Splash Vs. Signle Damage

As you might know, splash damage affects the troop targeted as well as other troops in the vicinity. But the amount of damage inflicted is lesser than that by point damage troops. You should have at least 3 splash damage cards and 2 point damage cards in your deck.

The Daunting Tank:

Clash Royale Tanks

You will need at least one troop to tank the incessant rain of fire and arrows bombarded by the enemy. We would recommend having two tanking troops in your deck, but one would be enough under most circumstances.

A Dash of Magic:

Clash Royale Spell Cards

Equip your deck with at least one spell card, preferably one that inflicts splash damage. In crunch games where both yours as well as your opponent’s final towers are critically low on HP, you can simply drop a spell, like Lightning or Fireball, on it to destroy it and win the match by a whisker.

The Defensive Building:

Clash Royale Defensive Buildings

You may have your defensive troops in place, but they won’t stay there for too long. They will eventually move forward and start attacking. You are bound to need a defensive structure as backup every now and then. But don’t take more than one; the second will be nothing but a waste of space unless of course, you are planning an all-defensive deck.

Also, don’t forget to check the average elixir cost of your combo. We would typically recommend it to be somewhere between 3.5 and 4.2. Whether you invent your own battle deck or use a tried and tested one, at the end of the day, your skill, tenacity, and in-game innovation are what matter. Happy Clashing!

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