Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, Flying Machine, Cannon Cart

In the June 2017 update, Supercell added 4 new cards to the rapidly expanding Clash Royale universe. They are the Mega Knight, Cannon Cart, Flying Machine, and Skeleton Barrel. However, only a select few clashers have been able to harness their abilities and use them wisely in the arena. If you wish to become a part of the elite, read on to know everything that there is to know about the newest members of the Clash Royale family.

Mega Knight

Mega Knight

If you thought that the Golem has the highest HP in the game, you may have never beholden the Mega Knight. At level 1, the Mega Knight has 100 HP more than that of the Golem at the same level. Since the former is a Legendary card, let us compare it with a Legendary tank. The Lavahound has 3000 HP at level 1, but the Mega Knight has 300 HP more. Do I need to say anything more?

Apart from his insanely high amount of health, he also deals spawn damage like the Electro Wizard. And since he can absorb quite a lot of opponent damage, you can drop him bang in the center of all the action. Watch as he clears out all the support troops along with the opponent’s tank. Oh yeah, he can leap from one foe to the other quite like the Bandit! His only drawback is that he can attack only ground troops. He costs 7 Elixir to deploy.

Cannon Cart

Cannon CartAs the name suggests, it is a cart that carries a Cannon. Unlike the defensive building, this cannon can move around the arena and hits any opposing ground unit that comes in its way. Once the Cannon Cart’s shield is dismantled, it will be converted into a regular defensive cannon, but it won’t stop attacking. You can use it as a tank with its combined HP of close to 1400. Alternatively, you may also use it for defense. It costs 5 Elixir to deploy.

Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton BarrelThis is apparently one of the weakest troops among the newest additions. Its movement speed is similar to that of the balloon and it is a building targeting troop. Post death, it spawns a horde of Skeletons. You need to use it wisely along with a ground tank and an additional support troop. Since it costs only 3 Elixir, conjuring this army won’t be much of a problem.

Flying Machine

Flying MachineThis is mainly a support troop that can kill any air or ground troop in no time. It can deal over 140 damage per second at level 7 and above. Since it is a flying troop, barely any opposing troops could kill it off. It would work far better on defense, thus allowing you to counter attack whenever possible.

It is an effective attacker when paired with high HP troops. Due to its range and fast attack speed, along with high damage, it can take down an Inferno Tower without breaking a sweat. Thus, it will allow your tank to stride forward toward the mini tower.


All these cards can be unlocked in Arena 9 and above, except the Skeleton Barrel which is available in the Builder’s Workshop. Now that you know all about the new cards in Clash Royale, how do you think you could use them? We will be more than happy and willing to know your strategies regarding these fresh offerings by Supercell in the comments section.

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