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Balance Changes April 19, 2017 – A Review

So, we have finally arrived at the balancing attributes to be added by Supercell for quite some time. But are they worth the excitement generated? Do the defensive and offensive maneuvers really make a difference? Let’s find out!

The Royal Giant Nerf:

Clash Royale Royal Giant

This one has been a long time coming. The Royal Giant has proven to be one of the most formidable offensive troops since its launch. Now, they have raised the deploy time from 1 second to 2 seconds. An infinitesimal change for some, but it has balled up to be a huge advantage for those looking to counter this mammoth, ranged beast. You get an added time advantage over the opponent using the Royal Giant in his/her offensive combo. As soon as the opponent drops the Royal Giant, you will have a second more to rethink your counter-strategy, thus enabling you to mitigate the damage loss on your tower. If you thought that an additional second on the deploy time was useless, think again. It may just prove to be the moment that wins the battle for you.

The Case of Elite Barbarians:

Clash Royale Elite Barbs

Since their inception, the Elite Barbarians have hardly ever failed to trouble the opposition. A step-up from the regular barbarians, they may have been less in number, but packed a huge punch while wrestling against ground troops and towers. With a 4{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} decrease in their health, contending with these battle-hardened monsters becomes a bit easier. Add to that a 0.1 second low movement speed and you can crush them with a defensive tower on the central side of the map.

The Furnace HP Reduction:

Clash Royale Furnace

The furnace has always been an irritating part of any combo, commonly featured among all-hut armies. As soon as the opponent amasses enough elixir to add a furnace to the already existing Barbarian Hut and Goblin Hut, you are bound to brace yourself for absolute annihilation. With a 5{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} decrease in HP to the flamethrower, you will be able to defend your tower better with the troops you have, thus eventually allowing you to formulate an offensive strategy.

Increase in the Goblin Hut HP:

Clash Royale Goblin Hut

With the decrease in HP of the furnace, the Goblin Hut has gained some to make it a viable opponent. What Supercell aims to gain from this change is the preference of the Goblin Hut over the Furnace. However, all this does to the all-hut combo is to make it more powerful behind the Barbarian Hut. Just so you know, the Goblin Hut HP has been increased by 5{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414}.

Resolving the Electro Wizard Issues:

Clash Royale Electro Wizard

Supercell has miserably failed in toning down the most powerful support troop in any combo – the Electro Wizard. They have managed to increase its hit speed by a meagre 0.1 second – from 1.7 seconds to 1.8 seconds. We believe that it will still prove to be a formidable support figure in the overall deck.

The Executioner Enhancement:

Clash Royale Executioner

Aiming to alleviate the lasting effects of the Lavahound, Supercell came up with a unique way to improve the damage of its counter-troop, the Executioner. Boasting a 6{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} damage increase, the Executioner may well be on its way to ward off the Lavahound and its irritating minions.

The Suffering Loon:

Clash Royale Balloon

The Balloon card only became a rage at the time when it was released, all thanks to the loon-rage combo. But people came up with several counters to this deck, so much so that only novices tend to use balloons these days. And then the moderators decided to enhance its death damage and explosion radius to a considerable degree, after which loons became all the rage again. With the latest update, they voted to increase the death damage delay by two good seconds. We are still wondering if that was a wise choice to make.

The Skeleton Army Cut:

Clash Royale Skeleton Army

It took a skilled warrior to handle the Skeleton Army in his/her combo, but with the reduction of the total number of skeletons by one, does it still take a skilled clasher or an exceptionally skilled one?

The One-Man Army – Lumberjack:

Clash Royale Lumberjack

In the lower arenas, the Lumberjack was quick enough to infiltrate defenses and obliterate the tower in the blink of an eye. With the increase in HP by 4{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414}, we hope that it proves to be equally effective in the higher arenas as well.

That being said, the new balance update has been fruitful for Clash Royale enthusiasts in several ways. However, we would like to see a few more changes to other dominant troops in the higher arenas. Have a fantastic clashing experience till then!

Recap of Updates

Here’s the TLDR; version of the article in case you are in a hurry!

  • Royal Giant: Deploy Time to 2sec (from 1sec)
  • Elite Barbarians: Hitpoints -4{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414}, initial attack comes 0.1sec slower
  • Furnace: Hitpoints -5{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414}
  • Goblin Hut: Hitpoints +5{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414}
  • Electro Wizard: Hit Speed to 1.8sec (from 1.7sec)
  • Executioner: Damage +6{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414}
  • Balloon: Death Damage delay to 3sec (from 1sec)
  • Skeleton Army: Skeleton count decreased to 14 (from 15)
  • Lumberjack: Hitpoints +4{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414}

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