Simple Strategies and Tips that will Bring Out the Professional Clasher Within You

Top Clash Royale Tips

Have you recently jumped on the crazy, addictive bandwagon that is Clash Royale? Are you still wondering why people tend to skip meals while playing this game? This means that you haven’t really grasped the fundamentals of Clash Royale just yet. You can’t aspire to be a champion without mastering the basics first. Here we have laid out everything that a beginner needs to know about the game.

Building a Good Deck

Clash Royale Deck Building

As you know, there are 8 cards in every deck. All those cards need to complement each other in order to make a powerful deck. It should always strike a balance. Also, note the Average Elixir Count of your deck. It needs to be anywhere between 3.5 and 4.3. The basic combination is the tank and support troop deck. Take a tanking troop, like a Giant, and a few support troops, like Goblins and Archers. Add a couple of spell cards and voila! Your amazing deck is complete. For more information on how to build an exceptional deck, check out this article.


Upgrade Cards Wisely

Clash Royale Upgrade Costs

Upgrade only those troops, spells, and buildings which you will need for the battle. There’s a catch to this. You might need some other troop or spell in the future as you climb up the arenas. Hence, it is critical to upgrade that particular card as well, even if you are not using it right now. You will need to have foresight in order to determine the right future card. Conduct a bit of research and find out the type of deck that you would like to go with in the higher arenas. Just to be on the safer side, upgrade most of your support troops and spells; you never know when you might need them.


To Attack First or Not to

Clash Royale Elixir

In a battle, you might always be tentative about attacking first. It doesn’t really matter if the quality of your deck outmatches that of your opponent’s. However, you wouldn’t know that for certain unless he/she attacks first. So, how on earth could you determine whether or not you should make the first move? It’s simple! You should always wait till your elixir bar reaches maximum. If you have a good first slot of cards, don’t hesitate to attack first. If not, then wait for your opponent to attack. Patience in the key.


The Importance of Building your Offense

Importance of offence Clash Royale

You may have encountered a few opponents who simply drop troops as they come without waiting for the elixir bar to fill. It is easy to counter such haphazard attacks. Don’t drop your first troop anywhere near the bridge. Always build your attack from the King Tower. Thus, as the troop slowly marches forward, your elixir bar fills up too, thus buying you more time to drop more troops before your army starts attacking the opponent’s tower. In the final minute during the double elixir period, quick thinking and presence of mind will take you to victory.


Watch Videos and Replays

TV Royale Replays

Practice makes an individual perfect. However, if you practice wrong, then you will never reach perfection. Watch your replays or those of the TV Royale to understand where you went wrong in the offense or defense. Finally, check out a few YouTube videos for tips on improving your strategies.

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