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Best and Worst Cards in Clash Royale | What Cards You Should Upgrade!

Hey guys it’s Ash and in this post I’m going tell you guys the best cards in the game to spend your gold on, the epic cards to get, and the worst cards that you should probably ignore. Keep in mind that these are my opinions based on my experiences and also stats from the most popularly used cards among the top players in the game. I’ve been playing this game since day 1 of soft launch and have kept track of all the trends, the nerfs and buffs of cards, and the cards that always seem to be the most popular and effective. So that’s what I’m gonna share today. Help you focus on the cards that will help you in the long run, in the higher arenas as you progress. So first I’m gonna start with 10 best common or rare cards that you should focus on getting, upgrading, and requesting for in your clan.

The best Cards to Upgrade and the Worst Cards to Ignore

10 Best Common and Rare Cards

Best common and rare cards

  1. Arrows – Arrows have always been among the most popularly used cards in the game and in all levels of play. This is a very high value card as it only costs 3 Elixir and can almost always provide you with an Elixir advantage by using it properly. It has a very large radius, allowing you to deal damage to multiple troops at once. Imagine using the Arrow card on a Minion Horde and Spear Goblins, that will instantly give you a 4 Elixir profit. So it’s no surprise that the Arrow card is among one of the most popular cards in the game.
  2. Barbarians – The Barbarians card had always been a popular card and a very good card as well. For the price of just 5 Elixir, you’re able to summon 4 powerful Barbarians. To demonstrate their power together, one level 8 Barbarian has 579 HP and 96 DPS. So 4 of them together is a total of 2316 HP and 384 DPS, no other card in the game gives you this much value. Now what makes Barbarians is not that offensive potential, but how good of a defense they are. They are able to defeat some of the most powerful offensive combinations in the game, which includes the Hog Rider, Prince, Pekka, Goblem, Giant Skeleton, and so on. So again it’s really not a surprise why you see Barbarians so commonly used on TV Royale all the time.
  3. Hog Rider – The Hog Rider is undoubtedly the best offensive card in the game. He has very decent HP, he’s very fast, powerful, and can go straight for your Arena Tower. Making him a very annoying card to stop when you don’t have multiple buildings. Not only that, the most frightening aspect of the Hog Rider, in my opinion, is that he only costs 4 Elixir! So he can have a detrimental effect in a game when you’ve taken a small Elixir lead.
  4. Spear Goblins – Spear Goblins are among the cheapest cards in the game and come with a high return value. It can be the first card you play without spending so much Elixir to scout your opponent. Three Spear Goblins together also make for a strong air-targeting combo behind a tank such as a Giant or Golem. They are an excellent way to make profit with Elixir. By simply using them on defense with your Arena Tower, you can make a big profit in Elixir. For example, say your opponent sends in a Mini Pekka, you can simply use your Spear Goblins to deal damage and distract and along with your Arena Tower also helping out on defense, you can quickly kill the Mini Pekka and take a 2 Elixir lead. Or you can even allow your opponent’s Baby Dragon to target your Arena Tower, but place your Spear Goblins on the side to quickly kill the Baby Dragon. This way, you lose a few HP on your Arena Tower, but you obtain a 2 Elixir profit and still have all your Spear Goblins at full health. So yea, this is a card made for winning.
  5. Archers – Similar to Spear Goblins, but cost 1 more Elixir. However, their cost is granted by the fact that they are more superior. They do more damage and have much greater HP. For example, level 8 Spear Goblins have 100 HP, while level 8 Archers have 241. Spear Goblins get one-shotted by Arrows, Baby Dragon, Wizard, Zap, and many other cards, but the Archers do not and that’s what makes the Archers special. However, at high level play, the Archers become quickly outclassed by the Princess card.
  6. Goblins – Goblins are also among one of the best cards in the game because of how cheap they are, only 2 Elixir! While they do insane damage together. For example, three level 8 Goblins together do 261 damage per second, which makes them an excellent defense. With just a 2 Elixir cost, you can quickly obtain a big Elixir profit. You will very commonly see Goblins and Spear Goblins used among the best players in the game.
  7. Wizard – The Wizard is among one of the best cards in the game because of what he can do. He has very decent DPS and what makes him special is the fact that he does splash damage. He’s an excellent card to beating hut spammers and some of the most commonly used cards in the game, such as Barbarians and Minion Horde. The only other splash attacking cards that can target air troops are the Baby Dragon and Witch. However, both the Baby Dragon and Witch card are much weaker than the Wizard, so they struggle to beat a card such as the Minion Horde on time. And so, that’s what makes the Wizard such a good and important card. It basically outclasses the Musketeer because of its ability to do splash damage.
  8. Fireball – The Fireball card is another excellent card for winners. People often misuse this card and use it for targeting Arena Towers. What makes the Fireball one of the best cards in the game is its high potential of getting a great Elixir profit. This card is meant to be used as a defensive stopper. It’s best used against a clumped group of troops. For example, the Fireball is an excellent counter against the very common Barbarian card. Since it costs 4 Elixir, using a Fireball on Barbarians at any time is always a good idea. However, it’s even a better idea to wait and use the Fireball on the Barbarians and the support troops behind him to maximize your profit. For example, if someone uses Barbarians, they’re going to most likely couple the Barbarians with another troop such as ranged attacker. So what you should is wait until the Barbarians have it to your side and see if your opponent couples the Barbarians with another troop, and then you drop your Fireball onto all of them. The main challenge of the Fireball is to accurately time and drop it, something you will learn to master with experience.
  9. Minion Horde – Like the Barbarians, the Minion Horde is another monstrous card on both defense and offense. It is a very commonly use card because of just how many powerful cards that it quickly counter. The Minion Horde is definitely one of the best defense in the game. However, unlike Barbarians, the Minion Horde can be one-shotted by Arrows. But it’s fast card and often can counter a big threat before your opponent can even play the Arrow card.
  10. Tesla – The Tesla is one of the most powerful defenses in the game and only costs 4 Elixir. Not only that, it can avoid area damage spell cards by hiding underground. Although to make the game more fast paced, Supercell decided to nerf all defensive buildings in coherence to their “offense over defense” philosophy. However, the Tesla still remains as possibly the best defensive building in the game.

Now if you guys are wondering what the best Epic cards are to get and work on, then I’m going to give you guys my top 5.

5 Best Epic Cards

Best Clash Royale Epic Cards

  1. Baby Dragon – The Baby Dragon would be my pick as the most versatile and useful Epic card in the game. Definitely not the most powerful card, but it can fit in almost any deck. It’s bulky, so you can use your ranged attackers behind it. It does splash damage and can target both ground and air troops, which is very important for defeating hordes and hut spammers. The other two troops that can do splash damage and target air are the Wizard and Witch, but what makes the Baby Dragon a more appealing option is that it costs only 4 Elixir while the Witch and Wizard cost 5. And the Baby Dragon is much bulkier, and not weak to Fireball.
  2. Prince – Along with the Hog Rider, the Prince is also one of the best offensive cards in the game because of power and speed and his ability to deal double the damage when charging. Not only that, he is very versatile because of his very decent HP. Which means that you can use him on defense as well and couple him with ranged attackers.
  3. Dark Prince – Like his brother, the Dark Prince is also one of the best offensive cards in the game. The Prince is weak to hordes of low HP troops, but the Dark Prince isn’t, he can deal splash damage and kill them all at once. However, he isn’t as powerful as the Prince, but his ability to deal splash damage is very important. His bulkiness also makes him a very versatile card for defense. Not to mention, he only costs 4 Elixir, which is 1 less than his brother.
  4. Golem – The Golem is definitely one of the best cards in the game. Unfortunately, the Golem is also one of the most expensive cards, costing 8 Elixir to use. But that’s warranted because of his very high HP, death damage, and ability to generate Golemites after his death. All this just makes him one of the best Epics.
  5. Poison Spell – The Poison Spell is a dangerous defensive card that not only slowly kills its foes, but also slows their speed. Best of all, it only costs 4 Elixir, which is very worth it when used against low HP troops and slowing down the bulkier troops and win those Elixir tradeoffs. Remember, your Arena Tower also helps out on defense, with a combination of Poison and your Arena Tower, you can win big Elixir tradeoffs on defense, making the Poison Spell a very dangerous card.

So those are my top 5 Epic cards. Now lastly, I’m going to tell you guys the 5 worst cards in the game, that you should probably ignore.

5 Worst Cards to Ignore

Worst Cards in Clash Royale

  1. Royal Giant – The Royal Giant is one of the worst cards in the game. He costs 6 Elixir and is super slow and super weak. It’s awesome that he’s a ranged attacker, but that goes against his very decent HP. You can’t use your other ranged attackers behind him because the Royal Giant is going to want to stay behind all your troops. Not only that, he targets buildings, which is great but the problem is his DPS is just too low.
  2. Rage – The Rage Spell is an awesome spell in Clash of Clans. However, in Clash Royale, the problem with the Rage Spell is, it doesn’t power up your troops, it only gives them speed. So they should probably rename this card to Haste Spell, because that’s what it is. This card just isn’t a good spell even with slow troops such as the Pekka, Giant Skeleton, and Balloon. And that’s because all of those troops are still very easy to distract. And the Rage Spell only gives a 35{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} speed boost, which in my opinion, is not enough.
  3. Three Musketeers – The Three Musketeers is one of the most powerful cards in the game, but at the same time it’s one of the worst cards in the game. And the reason for that is, it costs 10 Elixir to use. So basically you’re going to have to spend your whole Elixir on summoning three Musketeers. And all you have to do to counter them is simply throw one Fireball, which costs 4 Elixir. It’s just not worth 10 Elixir to summon 3 Musketeers.
  4. Skeleton Army – The Skeleton Army is a good defense, but is just a horrible offense and is also one-shotted by Arrows and the Zap Spell. It’s outclassed by the Tombstone and Barbarians. It gets one-shotted by every splash attacker. And with the assistance of your Arena Tower on defense, it’s just super easy to quickly stop a Skeleton Army. So yea, really not a card I’d invest my money on.
  5. Valkyrie – The Valkyrie is not a terrible card, but at high level play, she becomes quickly outclassed by the Dark Prince. Like the Valkyrie, the Dark Prince is a ground splash attacker, but is just overall much better. Not only that, the Valkyrie really isn’t that great as a bulky splash attacker because of her inability to target air troops. So she also becomes outclassed by the Baby Dragon. And so, because of the Baby Dragon and Dark Prince, it’s just not worth upgrading your Valkyrie for the long term.

So that’s my list, most of which is my opinion, so if you guys don’t agree with me on something, then feel free to comment below on your opinion. Hopefully this helped out a lot, so be sure to give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe for more great Clash Royale content. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys again soon. Later!

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