The Best Bowler Deck is…
Bowler + Hog Rider

Bowler armies are quite the rage in Clash of Clans among TH10 players and above. However, the Bowler has not been greeted with the same level of enthusiasm over Clash Royale. Is it because it’s just a single troop or since there’s no Healer to go with it? Whatever the reason might be, the Bowler still has the ability to take you to the top of any arena. With the right combination of troops, you can start climbing the ranks in the Legendary Arena as well. Here’s the deck that will help you get there. It is arguably considered to be the best Bowler deck in Clash Royale.

Bowler Electro Wizard Deck

This impressive deck was developed by AxureFangz. The thing that makes this deck so remarkable is the ability to mix your strategies. You don’t need to attack or defend with a single strategy in mind. You will have a boatload of plans and tricks at your disposal with these troops in your repertoire.

Defensive Strategies

Bowler and Tornado as defence

There are several different defensive strategies that you could employ. If you need to tackle ground swarms, the Bowler himself would be your best bet. A hard tank push can be taken care of with the help of the Tornado-Bowler or the Tornado-Baby Dragon combo. If the opponent slips a Hog Rider in a lane, you can either deploy the Skeletons or the Tornado. Though the Skeletons will give you a higher elixir trade, pulling the Hog Rider toward the King Tower with the Tornado will activate the building. This will benefit you in the long run.

The Electro Wizard is highly useful in defense. Wait for the opposing army to charge at your mini tower. As soon as it comes near enough, deploy the Electro Wizard just beside your tower. The spawn damage caused will help you slay all the attacking support troops. You only need to Zap the stunned creatures and the tower and the Electro Wizard will take care of the lot.

Offensive Strategies

Hog Rider, Bowler deck

If any of your defensive troops survive the opponent’s onslaught, deploy the Hog Rider as soon as the former reach the bridge. Keep counter attacking whenever you can in the early and middle stages of the battle. The Bowler works in excellent conjunction with the Baby Dragon and the Tornado. Thus, if you find the Bowler and the Baby Dragon pushing one lane, don’t hesitate to drop the Hog Rider on the other lane. Either one of the opponent’s mini towers is bound to sustain a lot of damage with this strat.

In the double-elixir stage, don’t target the tower with the least HP. Go for the one that has been barely affected by your counter attacks. This is where the Lightning comes into the picture. Keep hitting the low-HP tower with Lightning whenever it cycles back, and keep attacking the high-HP tower with your army. Regarding the attack, deploy the Bowler near the King Tower, followed by the Baby Dragon. Drop the Hog Rider at the bridge and keep your finger poised to deploy the Tornado.

If you find the opponent’s defense too hot to handle, then you must have forgotten the electrified version of the hottest guy in the Clash Royale universe! Deploy the Electro Wizard right away and watch as the defensive army crumbles.

Possible Replacements

Possible Electro Wizard Replacements

Since the Electro Wizard is mainly used for its spawn-time ability in this deck, you may consider replacing it with the Ice Wizard. If his two-hit ability works best for you, then you can use Archers in his place.


Miner, Three Musketeer, Battle Ram

Miner-Three Musketeer-Battle Ram Combo: All the variations of the Miner-Three Musketeer deck are almost always used for a split push. Needless to say, you do not have enough firepower to contain attacks on both the lanes. All you can do is cycle back to your Hog Rider quickly, and hope to inflict enough chip damage at each go to take down at least one tower.

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