The Best Clone Spell Deck is…
Clone + Lavaloon

The Clone spell had become quite the rage when it was first released. However, the excitement slowly wore off as the players realized its low potential at winning battles comprehensively. Only a select few clone decks had shone out during that period. And since there have been no more adequate updates to the card over the months, clashers started to ignore that spell completely. However, I was able to fish out one clone deck that would help you climb to the Legendary arena even now.

This deck was created by Scythul in January, 2017. Admittedly, it is a pretty old deck. But it will still help you push to the Legendary arena in no time. The thing is, nobody expects the Clone or the Mirror in the higher arenas. So, that part of the surprise will work in your favor. Here’s how you could go about winning with this deck.

Defensive Strategies

Clone DefenseYou can’t really hope to win without formulating an effective defense strategy. Double elixir period is when you will start pushing a lane. In the initial stages, all you have to do is defend your towers. Your primary defensive troops will be the Minion Horde and the Skarmy. The remaining spell cards will support these troops.

If the opponent tries to push a lane with the Giant or the Golem, deploy the Skarmy. Did it get zapped? Don’t worry! Simply Mirror it or drop the Minion Horde. Fireball or Log any support troops on the way. Ideally, you should reserve the Clone only for double elixir. But if need be, don’t hesitate to use it in order to defend a huge push.

If the opponent is hell bent on waiting for your first move, split the Skarmy near the King Tower. He can’t just let them run their course. He is bound to defend it with a couple of spells or a splash damage troop. Defend the push that follows with the Mirror. Keep your fingers poised to drop the Fireball if need be.

Offensive Strategies

Clone AttackIf you are successfully able to defend your towers in the initial stages, nothing can stop you from winning in the late game. Even if one of your mini towers gets destroyed, you will still stand a high chance to three crown the opponent. As soon as the double elixir hits, deploy the Hound near the King Tower. If the opponent attacks the other lane, drop the Skarmy and nothing else. Was it zapped? Don’t fret! Concentrate on your offense.

Deploy the Balloon just behind the Lava Hound. As soon as the Lavaloon reaches the bridge, Mirror your Balloon and follow it up with the Minion Horde. Drop the Clone spell over your entire army and watch as the mini tower gets smashed in the blink of an eye. Clear out any defensive troops with the help of the Fireball and the Log. If the army blossoms as planned, it will take down the King Tower as well!

Possible Replacements

The Tornado can replace the only Legendary card in the group, the Log. The Tornado will clump the defensive troops together, thus allowing them to be slain by the death damage of your Balloons.


Cannon Cart Challenge Spell CycleChip cycle and spell bait decks will pose a major problem to this army. Even with the help of Clone and Mirror, these decks might just manage to destroy both your mini towers. Try to defend your minis as best you can and go for the three crown in the double elixir period.

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