Royal Arena to Frozen Peak

How to Ravage Every Opponent in Arena 7 and Ascend to Arena 8 in a Jiffy

Every player in the Clash Royale universe wants to be at least in Arena 4 and above, just so that they could stand a chance, no matter how slim, of acquiring a Legendary card. It is easy to settle in the P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse after reaching a certain level. You can even get to the Spell Valley or Builder’s Workshop without breaking a sweat.

Royal Arena Clash Royal

The real challenge lies in climbing up to the Royal Arena (Arena 7) and staying there. That is because millions of players are battling to reach this arena, not only for the interesting set of rare and common troop cards it offers but also for standing a much better chance at bagging a highly resourceful Legendary card. And you cannot hope to stay afloat in Arena 7 with the same deck that you have been using in the previous arenas. Here is the deck highly recommended by the most experienced clashers in the game for cleaving through opponents in the Royal Arena.

GiantClash Giant Card

Hog RiderHog Rider Preview

MusketeerClash Royale Musketeer

BarbariansClash Barbarian

FireballClash Fireball

MinionsClash Minion

Elixir CollectorClash Elixir Collector

ZapClash Royale Zap Card

The Advantages

The major benefit of using this combo is that you will have gotten at least 6 of these cards by the time you reach Arena 4. Thus, most of your deck will be heavily upgraded. Zap, a common card, is easy to come by in the Spell Valley. You can get it quickly upgraded to the level of your other common cards. The upgrade of Elixir Collector might be a problem since it is only available after reaching Arena 6. But thankfully, you can make do with a level 2 collector for this deck. The Average Elixir Cost of 4.1 also works in your favor.

How to Use this Deck?

Hog + Giant Best Deck

The strength of this deck rests on the shoulders of the Giant and the Hog Rider. This dual building-destroyer combo can wreak absolute havoc. The rest of the cards should be used for clearing the path of the two tanks so that they could start attacking the enemy tower as soon as possible.

During the attack, if you are lucky enough to get the Elixir Collector in the first set, drop it behind your tower right away. If not, then you can slowly start to build your attack. Drop your Giant as close to the bottom edge of the map as possible. It will gradually make its way toward the opponent’s tower. Hold on to the Hog Rider and keep dispatching the other cards as and when required.

The Musketeer and Minions should always go behind the Giant. Once the Giant crosses the bridge, drop the Hog Rider. These two troops will tank most of the damage while hitting the tower as your support cards will clean up the rest. The Musketeer, Minions, Fireball, Barbarians, and Zap can also be used for defensive purposes. At times, even the Giant can defend your tower.

The Hurdles

Clash Royale Inferno Tower

The only counter to this deck at Arena 7 is the Inferno Tower. It can suck the life out of your Giant within a few good seconds, thus dismantling your attack buildup. You can use the Zap to reset the charge of the tower after about 2-3 seconds. Alternatively, you can use Minions or Barbarians to distract the building.

As you might know, it takes some time to master the use of any deck. With a bit of practice and a bit more of skill, you can jump to Arena 8 in no time!

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