The Best Freeze Spell Deck In Clash Royale Is…
Freeze + Balloon

The Freeze spell is generally used in combination with the Hog Rider. However, with the presence of the Lumberjack to tank and rage the Balloon, the Freeze can be highly effective in this scenario. This spell is not commonly used in the higher arenas. But when it is utilized the right way, it can prove to be a solid offensive card. Here’s the deck that works best with Freeze.

Best Freeze Deck

This deck was invented by dirt2222 in an effort to bring back Freeze into the game. And it worked wonders for the guy. It can take you to the Jungle Arena in no time. And if you use it right, you may even find yourself in the Legendary arena sooner than expected.

Defensive Strategies

Freeze DefenseThis deck is heavily dependent upon defense. Early in the game, you will have to defend as best you can with the help of Guards, Musketeer, Minions, and Ice Golem. In fact, all your cards except the Balloon can be used for defense. However, try to preserve the Balloon and Freeze for the double elixir stage.

Heavy beatdown decks may ask for a Freeze. Otherwise, cycle the cards with Arrows wherever necessary. Try to get positive Elixir trades. With the help of the Ice Golem, they won’t be hard to come by. This versatile troop can take care of swarms and support troops without much hassle. Tanks can be slain with Minions, Guards, or Musketeer.

The Guards is another useful card in this deck. It can weather most spell storms rained by the opponent. The Log can only dismantle its shield. The Zap can barely inflict any damage upon it. Bring on the Fireball or even the Rocket, and the Guards will still be raging on the field.

Offensive Strategies

Freeze OffenseYour offense will begin mid game. Counter pushes will play a big role here. After you have defended your mini tower well, deploy the Lumberjack ahead of your remaining troops and let them chip damage off the opponent’s tower. The death-rage of the Lumberjack will enable the Musketeer and other support troops to take a couple more hits on their tower.

Your main offensive strategy will begin in the double elixir stage. Your dependable combo will be the Lumberjack-Freeze-Balloon. Deploy the Lumberjack near your mini tower. Follow it up with the Balloon. As soon as the Lumberjack is killed, covering the Balloon with Rage, drop the Freeze over the mini tower and other defensive troops. The mini tower will be destroyed in no time.

Cycle the deck with the Ice Golem for the tank and the Minions. Drop the Lumberjack again, followed by the Balloon to target their King Tower. With two Balloons on your side and a few support troops, it won’t take long for you to get the three crown even.

Possible Replacements

Freeze ReplacementsThe Lumberjack will be tough to replace in this deck. It plays a critical role during a full-fledged attack. However, you may try out the Mini Pekka in its place. The high damage provided by the troop might just help your Balloon to take down the mini tower.


Beatdown Decks: While you can easily take care of normal beatdowns with the help of the numerous high DPS troops in your repertoire, you will find it tough to deal with heavy beatdown decks. All air-decks like the Lavaloon will prove to be a formidable challenge to this deck. More often than not, you will find yourself in quite a fix while dealing with air-decks. However, they are not as frequent in Arena 8 and 9, thus enabling you to reach Hog Mountain without much trouble.

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