Giant Beatdown

The Winner is – Giant + Night Witch

Since its recent launch, the Night Witch has proven to be a powerful support troop. It can be arguably considered to be one of the strongest cards in Clash Royale today. And such a dominant support troop can only be complemented by equally impressive tanks. What better tank than the vicious form of a man with a physique that would put most professional wrestlers to shame? I’m talking about our very old, very dependable Giant of course!

This amazing card has pulled us out from the toughest of situations over the months. Even when we have lost all hope of winning the battle, the Giant is one troop that will valiantly stride forward, oblivious to the opposing arrows and axes. It has saved our honor from being stamped out several times by mightily crushing any building that blocked its path. Imagine this gigantic, indomitable card paired up with the most daunting support troop in the Clash Royale universe!

Here’s the magical deck that you have all been waiting for. The credit for its invention goes to SparkyIsLife.

This deck is one of the most powerful ones when it comes to offense. Imagine the massive Giant, the fearsome Night Witch, her scary bats, the shocking Electro Wizard, and the merciless Executioner all heading ferociously toward your tower. While the army itself is formidable and impressive, each troop also complements every other. Each of those can considerably reduce the health of the opponent’s tower single-handedly if left unchecked.

Defensive Strategies

The Tombstone will be your primary defensive card. You may have already used this card in the lower arenas for kiting any good push by the opponent. The thing is, the Tombstone is really effective against tanks and/or building targeting troops. It gives a decent elixir trade against a single Hog Rider push too. All you need to do is either kite the opponent or place the building bang in front of the troop. The Skeletons that spawn after the Tombstone is broken will kill the opposing troop in no time.

The Log can be useful at weakening huge pushes in a single lane. However, if the opponent has an all-air deck, then the Log will be absolutely useless. All you can do is keep cycling it with the help of the Ice Spirit. It can still be used fruitfully during offense. The Ice Spirit, on the other hand, is a top utility troop that can stop air as well as ground offensives in their tracks. Use it once you have deployed the Tombstone and as soon as you have dropped the Electro Wizard.

The Executioner is considered to be one of the best all-around troops in the game. It is absolutely ruthless in defense and nonchalantly barbarous in offense. It can easily fight off hordes of incoming troops. The Executioner is also the only powerful counter for the Night Witch. So, don’t deploy this troop unless the opponent has revealed most of his/her cards.

Offensive Strategies

Night Witch + Giant = OP Deck

Once you have defended your tower satisfactorily and still have a leftover troop or two, drop the Giant near the bridge immediately. If the opponent has already placed a defensive building on his/her side of the arena, then you can easily take it down with the help of the Lightning. Let your minor offensive army do the damage. It might even take down the mini tower even without using the Giant-Night Witch combo.

Keep counter attacking like this till you reach the double elixir stage of the battle. This is where you start building your attack. Deploy your Giant near the King Tower. At this point, the opponent might attack the other lane. Immediately drop the Tombstone in the center of the arena and freeze the attacking army right there with the help of the Ice Spirit. If the army is huge, then it won’t be destroyed completely. But this strategy will ensure that your mini tower won’t be taken down while simultaneously allowing you to deploy your remaining army in the first lane.

You will need to deploy the Night Witch, Executioner, and the Electro Wizard before your Giant crosses the bridge. This will leave you time to accumulate enough elixir to strike any obstacles in the way with the Lightning. This army will certainly take down the mini tower. If your Giant is left with around 20{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} to 30{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} HP, then with the aid of the increasing number of bats spawned by the Night Witch, you can destroy the King Tower as well.

Possible Replacements

Clash Royale Archers

Since this deck has three Legendary cards, it is understandable that you might not have them all. The Night Witch is, in essence, irreplaceable. You may use Archers instead of the Electro Wizard for retaining the dual-hit ability of the latter. However, Archers are obviously not as powerful as the Electro Wizard. The Log can be easily replaced with either the Tornado, Zap, or Arrows.


Clash Royale Lightning!

The Lightning: This card is the only one capable enough to obliterate all your support troops, leaving the Giant with low health and rendering him absolutely useless. You can try to spread your troops out during the later stages of the game to avoid this dilemma.

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