The Best Giant Skeleton Deck is… Giant Skeleton + Hog Rider

The Giant Skeleton (GS) seems to be a powerful troop at first glance. Once you start using it, however, you may realize that it can be countered without much hassle. It is an excellent troop for pushing in the lower Arenas, but once you get to Arena 7, it becomes a liability. What if I told you that there is a Giant Skeleton deck that can take you to the Jungle Arena and beyond? Here’s the wacky combination of troops that makes the Giant Skeleton seem all the more daunting.

Giant Skeleton Hog Rider deck

This deck was invented by Norbysweg, and he primarily used it for challenges. However, we have realized that it could be fruitful for trophy pushing as well. There’s a catch – you need to have exceptional skill in order to wield this deck. If you bank on that very quality then who knows, you may even reach the Legendary Arena!

Defensive Strategies

Giant Skeleton Holding a bombThe Giant Skeleton plays a major role in defense. If you find a huge swarm of troops coming your way, simply drop the GS in front of your mini tower. It will tank most of the damage and shatter every attacking troop to pieces post death. This will be the perfect time to counter attack with the Hog Rider and the Ice Spirit.

However, instead of revealing your trump card (the GS), you can easily slaughter the swarm with the Log and the Zap, rendering a far better elixir trade than the GS. The Tombstone and the Archer, or the Mega Minion, can counter any possible tank attacks. The immense positive elixir trade that you will get with the aid of these troops will allow you to counter push with the Hog Rider. You can even freeze the incoming troops with the Ice Spirit and let your Archers and mini tower take them down.

Offensive Strategies

Hog Rider Giant Skeleton DeckIn the early and mid stages of the battle, you need to inflict chip damage on the opponent’s tower through counter attacks. If you are able to defend your mini tower with the Log and the Zap, deploy the Hog Rider near the bridge immediately. Quickly follow it up with the Ice Spirit. If your opponent is foolish enough to have expended all his/her elixir during the attack, you will be well on your way to taking down their mini tower in no time.

The late game is where all the fun begins. You can easily astound your opponent by preserving your Giant Skeleton till the double elixir stage. Deploy the Mega Minion near the King tower followed by the Archers. Try to keep them in play with the help of the Ice Spirit and/or the Zap. As soon as they reach midway through your mini tower and the bridge, deploy the GS bang in front of them. This tactic can take care of any ground troops.

When this army reaches the bridge, drop your Hog Rider ahead of the GS and watch as it works its way toward the mini tower. The Archers and the Mega Minion will tackle all the opposing troops. If the GS manages to make it to the mini-tower before getting killed, then you are privy to some hardcore action. The mini tower will be destroyed in the blink of an eye, leaving a horde of support troops attacking the King Tower. Deploy the GS immediately to obliterate that as well!

Possible Replacements

The only Legendary card, the Log, will be tough to replace. You will need to compromise the Log-Zap combo for that matter. The Fireball might work well in its place, but we would recommend using the Arrows. Additionally, the levels of the support troops matter big time. For instance, if you have not upgraded your Archers to their full capacity, you may consider replacing them with an Ice Wizard.


Lavaloon Air Decks All-Air Decks: The decks that consist of air troops entirely will be difficult to counter. You only have the Mega Minion and the Archers to defend your tower against an air push. While the GS can tank the damage, it won’t be quite useful unless it reaches the mini tower first.

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