The Best Goblin Hut Deck in Clash Royale Is…
Goblin Hut + Miner

The Goblin Hut is probably one of the most underrated cards in the Clash Royale universe. It spawns nothing but Spear Goblins every few seconds. Quite an unfair trade for 5 Elixir, eh? Think again. If the Hut is left to stay for long, it can flood the lane with a horde of Spear Goblins. Couple this horde with a tanking troop and you will be well on your way to winning the battle. Here’s the deck.

Best Goblin Hut Deck

And here’s the catch. Most clashers in even the lower Arenas are aware of the only destructive ability of the Goblin Hut – spawn hoarding. And they even have a counter or two in place for it. But with the help of this deck, you can get to Hog Mountain in no time. It was invented by Fishslap. Here’s how you could go about playing with it.

Defensive Strategies

Goblin Hut DefenseIf you get the Goblin Hut in your first set of cards, drop it immediately. The placement of the hut matters big time. Always deploy the Hut above the King Tower or one tile ahead of it. The Spear Goblins spawned will defend your mini tower and will allow you to counter push if required. Additionally, if you drop the Hut one tile away from the King Tower, the opposing building-targeting tanks will move toward it. Thus, you can find enough time to organize a good enough defense.

Your primary defensive building will be the Inferno Tower. It can easily suck the life out of tanks and destroy heavy beatdown decks in a jiffy. Your main defensive unit will be the Valkyrie. She is a mediocre tank who can destroy any ground swarms. She will also absorb enough damage for your spawned Spear Goblins to kill any air troops.

You will have noticed another underrated card in the mix – the Heal. The spell plays two roles in this deck. The Heal will give the much-needed bonus HP to your defending Valkyrie, and also aid in your offense. If you face swarms, Zap ‘em. If you are attacked by mediocre tanks and support troops, use the Fireball.

Offensive Strategies

Goblin Hut OffenseThe Miner and the Goblin Hut will play a major role here, along with the Goblin Barrel. You don’t need to wait for the Hut to spawn a considerable number of Spear Goblins. As soon as you have deployed the Hut, drop the Miner at the opponent’s mini tower if he/she doesn’t deploy any strong offensive troops. Since the opponent’s mini tower and defensive troops will be busy taking care of the Miner, your Spear Goblins will crowd around opposite arena. If your Miner is slain, deploy the Goblin Barrel.

You can always Zap or Fireball any of the opponent’s defending troops, but I’d recommend healing your Miner. That way, more of your Spear Goblins will flood the lane, thus allowing you to take down the tower. If you think that the mini tower is about to go down, drop the Valkyrie to tank your Spear Gob horde. Get ready to deploy the Miner to take down their King Tower as well!

Possible Replacements

The only Legendary card in the deck, the Miner, cannot be replaced. It acts as the main tank to your Goblin Hut troops. If you haven’t leveled up your Heal, you may go with Rage. Just remember to accommodate all your attacking or defending troops in the area. The Night Witch would work well in place of the Valkyrie. The former’s Bats can replace the Valkyrie’s splash damage.


Hog Decks: Hog Rider and its support troops will pose a threat to your deck. Deploying the Inferno Tower for a single Hog Rider will be a bad Elixir trade. All you can do is either Fireball or Valkyrie it, but it still won’t give you a positive Elixir trade. That is the reason why you need to place your Goblin Hut one tile ahead of the King Tower. The Hog Rider and its support troops will divert toward the Hut, thus allowing the Spear Goblins and mini towers to kill them. Your Hut will be destroyed, but you can counter attack with the Miner and your remaining Spear Gobs.

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