The Winner Is, Golem + Night Witch

As you might know, the Golem is the strongest tanking troop out there. Admittedly, it does consume 8 elixir for deployment, but it is definitely worth the investment if used wisely. And the recent launch of the Night Witch has made the Golem far more formidable than it should be. Oh yes, the Night Witch works in perfect conjunction with this awesome tank. There are a few other troops that complement the massive damage absorbing ability of the Golem, all of which are currently a part of our combo. So, without further ado, here is the dream Golem deck that you are searching for.

Without exaggerating, the Golem-Night Witch deck is decidedly a miraculous one invented a couple of days ago by G-MAN. We have rendered a teensy few corrections to his strategy to make this deck more robust. While the basic premise of using a Golem in a battle is to gradually work on your offense, it can, in this case, be used as a defensive troop as well.

Defensive Strategies

Your primary defensive troop would include the Skeletons and the Mega Minion. With the Arrows as your only spell card, you will need to use it wisely. Only deploy it when your tower is threatened by a swarm of opposing troops. The Skeletons prove to be exceptional kiting troops what with their single elixir trade. And did you know that the Night Witch does a stellar job of defending your tower without breaking a sweat. Its bat army can hold off heavy pushes too.

Save the Lightning unless you find someone like the Witch or the Musketeer being deployed near the mini tower. Thus, you can hit the tower as well as the troop. Also, don’t hesitate when the opponent drops the Three Musketeers. The ideal counter to this high elixir troop is either the Fireball or the Valkyrie. However, the Lightning will also give a positive elixir trade.

The Golem, in combination with the Elixir Collector, can prove to be a strong defensive troop. And you can still be left with enough elixir to deploy the Arrows, Mega Minion, or the Skeletons to defend the other part of the arena. If your opponent is foolish enough to still keep attacking the same tower, feel free to drop the Mega Minion; it will only boost your ability to counter attack.

Offensive Strategies

Build your attack, and build it well. You can only do this after you have deployed at least one Elixir Collector in the arena. You would ideally be better off with two of those, however. Deploy your Golem near the King Tower and wait to see how the opponent reacts. If he/she targets a different lane, use the Arrows or the Mega Minion to defend your tower. You may even kite with the help of Skeletons. If your opponent attacks the same side of the arena, let your Golem tank most of the damage as your mini tower, Baby Dragon, or Night Witch cleans up the rabble.

Try to deploy the Mega Minion as well before your army reaches the bridge. This will refine your push better and help you secure at least one crown. Drop the Skeletons to render the extra edge to your attack. At this point, if your opponent is foolish enough to threaten your second mini tower, don’t bother defending it. Your army will probably wipe out the King Tower too before the enemy troops could so much as bring down your mini’s HP to a critical level. This is one defenseless battle that you simply cannot lose.



Lavahound decks are the Golem’s biggest weakness, especially if the opponent has all air troops in his/her repertoire. Only your Baby Dragon and Mega Minion will come into play while defending such decks. The other option is to push the second lane. You have the strongest ground tank in the game after all! So, if you are able to push well, you can take down the King Tower before your opponent. Remember, distract his/her attacking troops whenever possible with the Skeletons.

Skeleton Army

Talking about skeletons, did you know that they have always managed to halt the progress of the Golem? The Skeleton Army, if left unchecked, won’t even let your Golem reach the tower. However, Arrows can terminate them without any problem. Same is not the case with the Graveyard since it keeps spawning skeletons. Even if Arrows are no use, your Baby Dragon can eradicate this threat without much hassle. Then, you can counter push right there.

Spell Bait Decks

Furthermore, beware of spell bait decks. You only have the Arrows and the Lightning, and the latter should primarily be used once you find a positive elixir trade. If your opponent’s army is heavily dependent upon spell baiting, then you may find it difficult to deal with. Use your Arrows wisely. Deploy them only when you see a huge army coming your way.

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