The Winner is – Hog Rider + Princess

Supercell absolutely loves the Hog Rider. They keep boosting its abilities, not only in Clash Royale but in Clash of Clans as well. However, only a select few Clashers share the same amount of love for this river-hopping troop. It is apparent in the fact that a Hog Rider is barely seen in the higher Arenas. The trick behind mastering this incredible troop lies in supporting it with at least two cards in your deck. Our winning deck revolves entirely around the Hog Rider. And it will help you to push trophies beyond measure.

Hog Rider Princess Deck

This deck was developed by Sal. It took him to the Legendary arena and he is still pushing trophies as we speak. It is a Log and Zap bait deck that calls for all your skills in the game. As you can see, the Average Elixir Cost is very low. Thus, you will need to cycle through the deck quickly in order bait the spells mentioned. Defensively, it is quite good, but it is a beast in offense.

Defensive Strategies

Skeleton Army + Goblin GangThe Skeleton Army and the Goblin Gang will form the crux of your defense. Your can take down tanks and other support troops with the aid of these low HP creatures. But first, you will need to bait the Log or the Zap, and the occasional Arrows. The Princess will help you out on that count. Simply deploy her near the bridge and let her attack the mini tower. The opponent will innocently drop the Log or the Zap to take her out.

If he/she deploys Minions or Goblins, then you need to quickly cycle through your deck to bag the Princess again. This can be effectively done by deploying the Musketeer near your mini tower. It will take down any attacking troops and stride forward toward the opponent’s tower. If the opponent drops the Log or Zap to halt its progress, then you are good to go. If not, then simply deploy your Hog Rider and make a counter attacking move.

After you have successfully baited the respective spells, let the opponent build his/her attack. You will be ready and waiting to take it out with the Skeleton Army and the Goblin Gang. The Tornado will aid you in your mission to dispose the attack. If the opponent deploys the Hog Rider, use the Tornado instead of the Goblin Gang or the Skeleton Army. Pull the troop toward your King Tower to activate the building.

Offensive Strategies

After you have baited either the Log, Zap, or Arrows with the Princess, You can start building your offense. There are 3 ways to do that. Deploy the Musketeer near the King Tower. As soon as it reaches the bridge, drop the Hog Rider right in front of it. You can take care of the any obstacles thrown by the opponent with the help of the Musketeer and the Zap.

Alternatively, you may deploy the Hog Rider and the Goblin Gang simultaneously near the bridge. If you do this in full elixir, you will still be left with some to drop the Zap if needed. You need to keep pressurizing your opponent with the help of these troops. Offense should be your primary defense.

The third attacking strategy is the tower destroying one. If you have already managed to defend your mini tower and still have a few leftover troops, simply drop the Hog Rider in front of them As soon as it reaches the tower, let the Goblin Barrel soar toward it. The combined attacking prowess of the Hog Rider and the Goblin Barrel will take down the tower in no time.

Possible Replacements

Minions + Minion Horde!There aren’t really any troops that you could replace in this deck. The single Legendary card that you have is the only one capable enough to bait the Log and/or the Zap. Still, if you don’t have the Princess and wish to try this deck, then you may consider using the Spear Goblins or the Minion Horde in its stead. If you are willing to raise the Average Elixir Cost up a notch, then the X-Bow will be a better replacement. The only difference is, it won’t bait the spells but the swarm troops.


Spell Deck The Spell Deck: If you face off against an opponent with a heavily built spell deck, then you are bound to face problems. Imagine the Log, Zap, Arrows, and Fireball all in a single deck! You won’t really be able to do anything against it. Au contraire, such Spell deck users emerge once in a blue moon in the higher arenas.

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