The Best Inferno Dragon Deck is…
Inferno Dragon + Night Witch

When one combines the Inferno Dragon with the Night Witch, you might think that the bats spawned by the latter will work in conjunction with the former. However, that is not how this deck works. Neither the Inferno Dragon nor the Night Witch is your main win condition. These two troops are mainly used for defense. Here’s what your final deck would look like.

Best Inferno Dragon Deck

As you might have surmised, this deck is heavily dependent upon defense and counter attacks. Your assumption is not entirely wrong. It is commonly known as the Bridge Spam deck, and it was developed by SuyogThePun. However, the spamming begins only in the double elixir stage. Defense will constitute a major part of the battle.

Defensive Strategies

Inferno Dragon DefenseYour primary defensive troops are the Inferno Dragon and the Night Witch. Most beatdown decks can be taken care of by the Inferno Dragon. Let the Poison or the Night Witch slay the support troops as the Inferno Dragon sucks the life out of the tank. By now, you may have realized that it is critical for the opponent to make the first move.

With beatdown decks, the opponent will usually deploy the tank near the King Tower. Let him/her build the attack. As soon as the army crosses the bridge, drop the Night Witch followed by the Ice Spirit near the support troops. You will have enough elixir left to take out the tank with the Inferno Dragon.

Once the army fizzles out, you will still be left with either the Inferno Dragon or the Night Witch, or both. Counter push with the Battle Ram acting as the tank, and you will be easily able to take down their mini tower.

Alternatively, you can even use the Bandit for quickly killing the tank with her dash-attack ability. If the support troops are far enough, she will kill them as well. The Ice Golem can be fruitfully used in sync with the Bandit. Deploy the Ice Golem bang in front of the support troops and let him soak the damage. He will destroy the low-HP troops and slow down the remnants for you to kill with Poison.

Offensive Strategies

Inferno Dragon OffenseOnce you reach the double elixir stage, quit thinking about counters. Rather, quit thinking altogether! This is a three-crown strategy that heavily depends upon spamming in the late game. Simply deploy all the troops near the bridge. It doesn’t matter if you drop the tanks in the front or the back. You will have enough Elixir and troops left to work with them. Keep deploying the troops as they come up and you will have destroyed their mini tower before long if you haven’t done that already.

And if you have already taken down one mini tower in the early or mid stages, don’t heed the second mini tower. Keep spamming troops to take down the King Tower, simply because you can afford to. If the opponent starts spamming the second lane, use Ice Golem and Zap to slow down their army. By the time it even reaches your King Tower, you will have three-crowned them with your spamming.

Possible Replacements

The Inferno Dragon is, of course, our main defensive troop. The Night Witch also cannot be replaced since it is highly useful to counter Hog Rider decks. It leaves us with the Bandit. If you haven’t got this legendary card in your pocket, you may try out the Musketeer solely for its long range and high DPS. However, I sincerely doubt it would work in conjunction with the other cards.


Inferno Dragon WeaknessesThere aren’t any stark weaknesses to this deck. Quick cycle decks can be countered with the Zap and the Poison, and also because this is a quick cycle deck in its own right. Spell Bait decks can be dismantled with the Night Witch, Ice Spirit, and Ice Golem. Air decks can either be infernoed, zapped, poisoned, or frozen – or all together. In fact, you have so many options to counter Lavaloon decks that you would be spoiled for choice. This exceptional deck only asks that you muster enough skill to get a three-crown against any opponent.

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