The Winner is – Lava Hound + Night Witch

The Lava Hound is one of the first Legendary cards to have graced the Clash Royale universe. The other Legendary is the Inferno Dragon. Both these troops can be acquired in Arena 4 and above. There was a time when at least one clasher in every clan had a Lava Hound in his/her repertoire. That is because only a select few Legendary cards were available back then, and the Hound was a popular one.

A part of its popularity can be credited to the Lavaloon strategy which was prominently used in Clash of Clans. It didn’t take long for that strategy to find its way into Clash Royale. However, a regular Lavaloon deck can only take you to Arena 7 or 8 at best. You will need to tweak your deck often in order to reach the Legendary Arena. The recent introduction of the Night Witch gave rise to a new meta. It has proven to be highly effective in Arena 9 and beyond. This is our best pick of the lot.

Night Witch and Lavahound Deck

This deck was invented by ‘Ale’ as recently shared over ‘Clash with Ash’. It is a dual strategy deck, meaning two meta strategies combined in one deck. You can either attack with the Lava Hound-Night Witch combo or the Miner-Poison blend. All the cards in this deck don’t revolve around a single troop. Instead, they are synergic with two different strategies. And both these strategies complement each other during a full-fledged attack. What more could you ask for!

Defensive Strategies

Clash Royale Tombstone For Defence

Every card in this deck, except the Lava Hound, is essentially a defensive card.  But the one that you will often require is the Tombstone. It is a versatile building that can even help you while building an attack. Place it bang in the center of your side of the arena and let it keep spawning Skeletons. These very Skeletons along with the Tombstone will distract any attacking army developed by the opponent. It will give you enough time to build a proper defensive army.

The Goblin Gang can be effectively used for kiting any troop. It is especially potent against air troops. The Goblins will distract the air troop while the Spear Goblins continuously keep hitting it. These feisty creatures can provide a decent elixir trade against the likes of the Baby Dragon and the Inferno Dragon. Additionally, the Night Witch alone can dismantle most mediocre attacking armies on your side of the arena. Furthermore, the Zap is highly effective against swarms with low HP, like the Minion Horde or Skeleton Army.

Offensive Strategies

The Night Witch complements the Lava Hound better than most other support troops. Her ability to spawn bats at regular intervals works in sync with the tanking skills of the Hound. The Night Witch herself is a beast in killing ground troops. Post-death, it even pops bats like its tanking counterpart which pops minions. All in all, it is a miniature version of the Lava Hound with additional abilities. These two troops work in splendid conjunction with each other.

Add to that the Baby Dragon and let the Miner soar toward the tower – your perfect recipe for a cataclysmic offense is ready! Of course, you will have to wait till the double elixir stage to deploy all these troops consecutively. In the earlier part of the game, you can directly attack a mini tower with the Miner-Poison combo. You may also counter attack with the aid of the Baby Dragon.

Once you reach the double elixir stage, deploy the Lava Hound near the King Tower. If the opponent tries to attack the other lane, simply drop the Tombstone in the center. Follow it up with the Goblin Gang or the Night Witch near the first lane. Poof goes their army! And you will have also added a few more support troops for the Lava Hound. Deploy the Baby Dragon as soon as you have mustered enough elixir for dropping the Miner as well. Wait till the mini tower starts attacking the Lava Hound, and throw the Miner immediately after. Deploy the Poison cover and you are good to go.

Possible Replacements

Replacement Cards

You may not have the two remaining legendaries apart from the Lava Hound. Both those cards will be tough to replace. However, you may try using the Goblin Barrel in place of the Miner. The Hog Rider will be a more viable replacement in my opinion, but you will have to account for the additional elixir cost. The Night Witch is irreplaceable at the moment, so you can’t use this deck without her and the Hound.



The Executioner: This troop can single-handedly take down your Night Witch. Heck, if left unheeded, it can even destroy your entire army with a few good strikes, leaving just the Lava Hound. Thus, if the opponent has the Executioner in his/her bag, wait till he/she pulls it out. Then, you can drop the Miner in its direction and watch as this 3 elixir troop slaughters the 5 elixir one.

Baby Dragon: This is a minor threat to the Night Witch since it can destroy all the bats in a single blow. However, you have a Baby Dragon himself to counter it. With the Poison coat surrounding your army, this flying threat can be eliminated in a jiffy.

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