The Winner is – Minion Horde + Battle Ram

The Minion Horde is commonly used as a support troop. As you might know, these miniature minion troops can destroy a mini tower in seconds, if undefended. However, there are barely a few clashers that would let the Minion Horde run its course. That is the reason why you need to use them along with a tanking troop. Battle Ram works best in this case.

As you can see, this deck only calls for a couple of ground-specific troops – the Battle Ram and the Goblins from the Goblin Gang, along with the Golem. The only Legendary card, the Log, can be used to powerfully counter any ground attacks.

Defensive Strategies

The Golem cannot be used for defense obviously. So, you are left with the other cards. The Battle Ram can be used defensively if the opponent has a quick cycle deck. On the other hand, you have the Minion Horde, Minions, Goblin Gang, the Zap, and more importantly, the Bats.

For 2 Elixir, the Bats will provide the best defensive tactic for countering any tank attacks. You can couple them with either the Minions or the Goblin Gang, thus rendering a highly positive elixir trade. The 2 elixir Log or the Zap can be used to finish off any remnants and also during pushing a lane.

For defending a heavy push, you can simply deploy the Battle Ram right in the middle of the action. The death Barbarians will be deployed in no time, thus allowing you to make a counter push against a ground attack.

Offensive Strategies

The Golem will be main win condition for a comprehensive push. Follow it up with the Minion Horde if you can afford it. Ideally, the Battle Ram should be paired with the Minion Horde or Minions. However, a Golem-Minion push is OP. Most clashers would think of defending the Golem, leaving the Minions untouched. If you face-off against a pro clasher, you will need to adjust your strategy a bit.

Try splitting your Minion Horde at the King Tower. 3 Minions will go one way while the remaining two will go the other. Deploy the Golem as soon as the three Minions reach the bridge, and drop the Battle Ram on the other side (two minions side). The Goblin Gang, Minions, and the Zap/Log can effectively support either side as need be.

Possible Replacements

The only Legendary Card, the Log, is irreplaceable at the moment. Since it one of the main ground destroying spells, you can’t really hope to replace it. The Epic Card, Golem, can either be swapped with a Mega Knight or a Lava
Hound. If you have a Level 1 Mega Knight in your repertoire, you can destroy any ground troops that come your way.

Ideally, I would prefer the Mega Knight over the Golem, but since the former is hard to come by, you can get the gist. If you have level 3-4 Lava Hound, you would be better off replacing it with the Golem. The death Minions spawned by the Lava Hound are much more beneficial during attack instead of the couple of mini Golems.


Since most of the cards are in a bunch, you need to beware of AoE troops like the Executioner, BBD, or Wizard. Just try to disrupt their strategy with the help of your tanks, and you will be better off in the long run.

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