The Best Mortar Deck is – Mortar + Miner

The Mortar is a defensive building that is rated highly among trophy pushers in Clash of Clans. Its placement is critical to ward off any simple Barch attacks in the game. In Clash Royale, the capabilities of the Mortar are not as well off. Regardless of its range, it can be easily countered with a bunch of air troops. However, to most clashers, a Mortar deck comes as a thunderous surprise. No one really prepares to face off against a Mortar deck, and therein lies your advantage. The following deck will aid you in building on that benefit.

Best Mortar Deck

One of the cheapest decks in Clash Royale, it was developed by Nitrome95. When the Mortar attacks one lane and the Miner on the other, you will realize the strength of this deck. Unless the opponents’ decks are primarily comprised of air troops, you will be able to make your way through to the Legendary arena in no time.

Defensive Strategies

Mortar DefenseAs you might have figured out, this solid Mortar deck has been devised for an equally strong defense. You can’t really hope to win by using the beatdown deck strategy. Without further ado, here’s how you could go about winning with it.

This deck is entirely dependent upon determining the spells in the opponent’s repertoire. Deploy the Princess near the King Tower. An unaware opponent will definitely drop the arrows on it. They would think that the arrow damage would decrease the HP on the mini tower a bit along with slaying the Princess. However, you would get a good elixir trade while deploying the Miner-Goblin Gang combo. If the opponent has a Fireball or a Lightning, then you would easily be able to reveal it during this attack.

A solid defense is what makes this deck work, so you will need a boatload of patience to execute it. The Princess needs to be deployed wisely. If the opponent attacks the first lane, deploy her on the second. Her immense range will definitely allow her to defend your mini tower. Skeletons can be used to kite the incoming troops, and the Mortar can be deployed in the center to finish off the ground offense.

The Tornado can also be effectively combined with the Mortar to clump the opponent’s offense together. The splash damage of the defensive Mortar will take out all the ground troops with a few good hits. Alternatively, you can zap the low-HP air troops or deploy the Minion Horde close to the tower to take out any air/ground tanks.

Offensive Strategies

The Mortar is one of your two win conditions. Deploy it one tile away from the bridge and watch as it chips damage from the opponent’s mini tower. Keep your hand poised to defend the Mortar with the help of the Goblin Gang or the Minion Horde.

Don’t heed the second wave of offense on your Mortar. Simply deploy the Miner on the other mini tower followed by Skeletons or any remaining support troops. This is the mid-game attacking strategy. Defense should be your primary concern in the initial stages of the battle.

Before the double elixir stage, you should have chipped off enough damage from both the mini towers to initiate a full-fledged attack. The Miner should be immediately followed by the Princess or the Goblin Gang on one lane. The Minion Horde and the Skeletons should be used to cover the Mortar on the second. Use the Zap or the Tornado wherever necessary. Alternatively, you can launch the Miner and Mortar in a single lane.

After destroying one mini tower, immediately drop the Mortar in range of the King Tower followed by the Goblin Gang or Minion Horde, or both. Deploy the Miner on the King Tower soon after.

Possible Replacements

Rocket ReplacementThe best possible replacement for the Miner in this deck is the Rocket. The damage dealt by this card on the towers would be better than that dealt by the Miner under normal circumstances. However, you would find the Legendary card more beneficial in the long run. The Princess, on the other hand, cannot really be replaced. Her long range counts more than her DPS in this deck.


Heavy Beatdown Decks: While this Mortar deck may be better at defense than in offense, there’s a rickety balance between the two strategies. A fully offensive deck will pose a huge hurdle in your quest for the top 100. You may try to use the Mortar as a Cannon or a Tesla, just to distract the opponent’s offense. However, you will need to quickly follow it up with the Goblin Gang or the Minion Horde, which will become increasingly difficult if you don’t conserve Elixir early in the game.

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