The Winner is – Poison + Miner

Well, I guess this combination was expected eh! Poison works best with the Miner. And when you add a good bunch of synergic cards in the mix, you will have an OP deck. But which cards work well with the meta? We have seen many nerfs and buffs from Supercell during the past few months. It’s tough to hold a deck together with so much going on. Post the most recent update, Norbysweg came up with an amazing Miner-Poison deck which helped him retain his rank in the Legendary arena.

Don’t be put off by the Giant Skeleton in the mix. He is one of the main defensive troops in your repertoire. However, if you are in the lower arenas, it will be a bit tough to climb to the Legendary arena with this deck. But once you are in arena 9 and above, the road will level out. You can reach arena 11 quickly.

Defensive Strategies

The Furnace is your main defensive building. The spawned Fire Spirits can take care of any opposing swarms. Drop the Furnace near the King Tower, in the lane where the opponent starts attacking. If the opponent is not willing to make the first move, deploy the Miner at one of their towers. Remember, you should always have a Furnace in play every moment of the game.

The Giant Skeleton-Tornado is a deadly combo against heavy beatdown decks. However, beatdown opponents won’t make a huge push until later in the game. Early on, you can simply use the Tornado for pulling any mini tower attackers to your King Tower.

Only deploy the Giant Skeleton if you can get a positive elixir trade. If not, then take down the attacking troops with Minions and/or Electro Wizard. Heck, the E-Wiz will be enough to destroy mediocre pushes. Don’t use Poison for defense unless absolutely necessary.

Offensive Strategies

In the early game, try to counter push with the Miner-Poison combo. If you are still left with an E-Wiz and Minions after defending, don’t hesitate to counter attack with the Giant Skeleton. The Miner-Poison will inflict the required chip damage to the mini tower. On the other hand, the Giant Skeleton-Electro Wizard will take down the entire tower eventually. And did we just forget the additional chip damage rendered by the Fire Spirits!

If you are able to take down a mini tower before double elixir, you will be in for a treat late game. If both your mini towers are intact, you don’t need to defend them. Simply go for the kill by throwing everything you have at the King Tower. The Poison and Tornado, coupled with the Giant Skeleton’s death damage, will clear out any defending troops. This will give your Miner, E-Wiz, and Minions enough time to take down the King Tower.

Possible Replacements

Since the Miner is the main win condition of this deck, it simply cannot be replaced. If you don’t have it and still wish to play this deck, you may try to use the Goblin Barrel in its place.

The Electro Wizard will again be tough to replace. His spawn damage is what makes him so invaluable. The Musketeer or the Ice Wizard might just prove to be a viable substitute.


Spell Bait: Spell bait decks like the Zap bait will be a bit tough to handle. They have the ability to push both lanes without breaking a sweat. Thus, if your Furnace can take care of the Goblin Gang on one lane, you might have to expend the Poison for taking out swarms on the other lane. Your attacking strategy will be completely disrupted. Try to activate the King tower by pulling their Goblin Barrel with your Tornado. That might just make things easier.

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