The Best Rage Spell Deck in Clash Royale is…
Rage + Balloon

What? There’s a good Clash Royale deck with Rage in it? Yeah, keep those incredulous comments coming. You are bound to eat your words after reading this guide. Contrary to popular belief, the Rage spell is actually quite useful in the higher Arenas if deployed wisely. The following deck is quite like the regular Balloon-Rage deck, but with a few game-changing modifications.

Best Rage Deck

This deck was developed by Nate_IRC. You will need an incredible amount of practice and skill to master this deck. Once you are confident of playing with it, you can cruise up to the peak of Hog Mountain. Here are a few good tips to help you on your way.

Defensive Strategies

Rage DefenseYour primary defensive troops will be the Skeleton Army, Electro Wizard, and Inferno Dragon. You can Arrow down any low-HP swarms. Deploy the Electro Wizard such that most of the opponent’s troops are affected by its spawn damage. Try to determine as many of the opponent’s cards as possible. If he/she doesn’t make the first move, you can simply drop the Giant Skeleton in the back.

If the opponent tries to push both lanes together, split the Skarmy near the King Tower and follow one lane up with the E-Wiz. As soon as your Elixir bar fills to 4, deploy the Inferno Dragon on the other lane. You should ideally reserve the Inferno Dragon for countering tanks or for pushing a lane.

If the opponent has a heavy beatdown deck, he/she will try to push a single lane. If he/she manages to muster a big enough army, you can simply drop the Giant Skeleton bang in the center of all the action. Its death damage will clear out every support troop and reduce considerable tank HP. You can also deploy the Minion Horde for support.

Offensive Strategies

Rage OffenseYour offensive strategy will begin mid-game. Your main offensive combination will be the Balloon, Minion Horde, and Rage. However, it’s tough to deploy all three simultaneously in the mid-game. Once you have successfully defended a lane, deploy the Balloon OR Minion Horde at the Bridge. Drop the Rage over them immediately. Since the opponent would have expended most of their elixir on the attack, your two-card combo can destroy their mini tower in no time.

The late game is where all the fun begins. Keep defending your towers with the E-Wiz, Skarmy, and Arrows. In fact, you won’t need to defend in the first place. The opponent will be too busy defending your armies to even care about attacking! The Balloon, Minion Horde, and Rage combo can attack one lane whereas the Giant Skeleton and Inferno Dragon can head to the other tower. Deploy the E-Wiz and Skarmy for support wherever needed.

Possible Replacements

Rage Spell ReplacementWhile the E-Wiz is the ideal defensive troop for this deck, some of you may not have it in your repertoire. You may replace it with the Baby Dragon or the Ice Wizard. The Night Witch will also prove highly resourceful in its place. The Musketeer can be swapped for the Inferno Dragon for its high DPS.


Rage Weakness Executioner Decks: The Executioner can cut and slash through this deck like a butcher’s knife through animal flesh. There’s nothing much you can do against an Executioner deck but wait for the opponent to make a mistake in deployment.

Projectiles: A single projectile won’t do much harm, but if there are a couple or three more, then each of your pushes can be countered every single time. Counter push with your defensive army instead. If the Skarmy or the E-Wiz still remains after defending your tower, deploy the Giant Skeleton ahead of them.

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