The Best Rocket Deck in Clash Royale is…
Rocket + Hog Rider

As you might know, the Hog Rider works best with quick cycle decks. So, don’t expect to use it together with the Rocket. While the Hog Rider is definitely one of the main win conditions of this deck, the Rocket will propel you to the win in double elixir stage. In fact, this is the combo that will help you reach the Hog Mountain in the shortest possible time. Here’s the deck you can use with it.

Best Rocket Deck

Costing just about 3.1 elixir on an average, this is one of the cheapest decks in Clash Royale. It was invented by RSivak. As you may have noticed, only the Rocket carries more than 4 elixir to deploy. And a couple or three other cards will mostly be used to cycle through to the Hog Rider or the Rocket. Here’s how you could go about playing with this deck.

Defensive Strategies

Quick cycle decks like these almost always take an offensive stance. The only strong defensive troop in your repertoire will be the Electro Wizard. It can take care of most mediocre pushes single-handed (not literally). Its spawn slowing ability will give your E-Wiz and mini tower more time to take down the tank and any support troops.

If it’s a major beatdown push, use the Tornado to pull the opposing troops to the center of the arena. The combined attacks of the two mini towers and the E-Wiz will definitely destroy the opposition. Gain more advantage by pulling either their Miner or Hog Rider to the King Tower with the Tornado. The King Tower’s activation early in the game will be a deciding factor in your defensive strategies.

For taking care of a lone Hog Rider, you can always deploy Skeletons or Ice Spirit, or both, in order to get a huge positive Elixir trade. Zap any low-HP support swarms. Don’t hesitate to deploy the Lumberjack for defense just to power up your E-Wiz with the death rage.

Offensive Strategies

You should always be on the lookout for taking advantage of any chinks in the opponent’s armor. Deploy the lone Hog Rider at the start of the battle, just to assess their defenses. If they drop a tank at the back in one lane, immediately attack the other lane with the Hog Rider and the Lumberjack. You should never let them build their beatdown attack.

Since the Hog Rider and the Lumberjack duo can take down the mini tower if left undefended, the opponent is bound to drop a few defensive troops. Kill the tank and any other support troops on the other lane with the E-Wiz. Cycle back to your Hog Rider with Skeletons and Ice Spirit. Keep pressuring the second lane with the former. Once you have chipped enough HP off the mini tower, all you need to do is defend.

Keep dropping the Rocket on the mini tower as and when it comes up. If you manage to defend all your towers before the double elixir stage, the game will be in your favor. Once the double elixir stage starts, it will be easy for you to cycle the Rocket. At that moment, you can also use the Hog Rider for defense, soaking up most of the damage. It will allow your E-Wiz and mini towers more time to destroy their offensive core.

Possible Replacements

Out of the two Legendary troops, only the Lumberjack can be replaced. The Mini Pekka can be used effectively in its place if you are able to complement its slow hitting ability with the Hog Rider. However, the Mini Pekka won’t be much use in defense. And since the Electro Wizard is your main defensive troop, I won’t advise you to replace the Lumberjack either since it will complement the former really well.


All-Air Decks: Heavy beat down air decks like the Lavaloon will be tough to deal with. The E-Wiz coupled with the Tornado, Ice Spirit, and Zap will help you take it down. However, you will need to push the other lane with Hog Rider and Lumberjack constantly.

An insane amount of skill is required to defend a Lavaloon push. Tornado the troops in the center and drop the E-Wiz to slow them down. Deploy the Ice Spirit soon after to freeze them in their tracks. The E-Wiz and mini towers will inflict enough damage to either take out the Balloon and the Mega Minion, or to pop the Hound. Zap the Minions as soon as the Hound pops. Get ready to push the other lane with the Hog Rider and/or the Lumberjack.

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