The Best Royal Giant Deck is…
Royal Giant + Executioner

The Royal Giant is the most ferociously vicious tower destroyer in the Clash Royale universe. In a one-on-one with the mini tower, this massive troop can smash the building to pieces with barely a scratch on him. However, it is only popular in the lower Arenas. That is because the commonly used Royal Giant decks can take you to the Jungle Arena at most. There are only a couple or three decks that will help you climb up to the Legendary Arena. Here’s the most successful Royal Giant deck of the lot.

Royal Giant Executioner Deck

This deck was invented by Lolman. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the result after using it for the first time. In the initial stages of the battle, you should concentrate on your defense. The Royal Giant will be your secret weapon, so try to keep it hidden till the double elixir stage.

Defensive Strategies

Valkyrie Defense

Every card in this deck can be used for defense, except the Royal Giant. There is no particular card that your defense will revolve around. Use each one according to its abilities. The Valkyrie is a beast at massacring huge ground swarms. A similar role is taken up by the Executioner in wiping out air hordes. The only difference is that the Executioner can’t really tank damage like the Valkyrie. You will need to deploy it behind your tower in order to protect it.

If you are not getting a positive elixir trade with the Valkyrie, you can always drop the Log and let it work its magic. The Tornado can be used in conjunction with the Executioner just to pull troops near him. The Skeletons and the Ice Spirit combo is your cheapest one to take down a tank. Freeze the opponent’s army with the Ice Spirit and deploy the skeletons near the support troops. After the little lifeless creatures kill those troops off, they can help your mini tower destroy the tank. Furthermore, use the Lightning for defense only when you get a positive elixir trade, like Three Musketeers or the Musketeer-Witch combo.

Offensive Strategies

Royale Giant and Executioner = Win

Once you have defended well in the early part of the game, you can slowly start counterattacking. If you already have either the Executioner or the Valkyrie in motion, deploy the Royal Giant immediately near the bridge. Thus, your opponent will be caught off-guard and he/she might make a few mistakes in defending. Remember that you need to drop the Royal Giant behind the Valkyrie and/or ahead of the Executioner.

As soon as the double elixir stage commences, deploy the Royal Giant near the King Tower. Drop the Valkyrie and the Executioner at their respective positions. You will have accumulated enough elixir for the Lightning by the time your army reaches the bridge. Keep your hand poised to strike any defensive building with the Lightning. Alternatively, you can use it on defensive troops as soon as you get a substantial elixir trade. You may try to deter the progress of the opponent’s army on the opposite lane with the aid of Skeletons and Ice Spirit.

Possible Replacements


You may use either the Arrows or the Zap in place of the Log. However, they won’t be as effective as the latter. If your Valkyrie is killed during the attack, the Log can best complement the Royal Giant-Executioner combo.


Inferno Tower, Royale Giant Weakness

Inferno Tower: This life-sucking defensive building can prove to be a major hurdle for your Royal Giant. If the Inferno Tower latches on to the latter, then even the ranged attacks of the troop could not save it. This is where the Lightning plays a major role. Try to drop it in such a way that even the defensive army and the mini tower along with the Inferno Tower get hit.

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