The Winner is – Sparky + Giant

The Sparky has lost its spark since the numerous counters that have been developed against it. However, if you use it wisely with a precisely placed counter deck, you will stand a high chance of climbing up to the Legendary Arena. And you don’t even have to look far. All the required troops will be available in your repertoire. Here’s the deck that will take you to the top.

Giant Sparky Clash Royale Deck

The Giant-Sparky push is quite common amongst most clashers. However, they would never expect the Hog Rider-Zap meta to be included in this deck. You will have the dual-strategy control under your wing, thus allowing you to push both sides of the arena. Your opponent will be hard put to defend either side during the double elixir stage of the game. All you need to do is keep attacking throughout the battle.

Defensive Strategies

Clash Royale Ice Wizard The Ice Wizard, Princess, and the Barbarians will form your defensive army during the battle. The Ice Wizard can slow down any troops that come its way, giving the mini tower enough time to slay those. The Princess can work in conjunction with the Ice Wizard due to its long range hitting ability. The Barbarians can take down any tank that dares to threaten your tower, including the Giant or the Golem.

A huge swarm of troops like the Goblin Gang, the Minion Horde, or the Skeleton Army, can be destroyed with the aid of the Zap. If you have just executed the Ice Wizard-Princess combo, the Minion Horde would prove to be an effective swarm to annihilate any given tank. If the opponent is intelligent enough to do a double push – one each on both sides of the arena – then you only need to deploy the Minion Horde in the center of the arena. The horde will split and kite both those mini armies, thus giving you the required elixir trade.

Alternatively, if you have exhausted all the aforementioned cards, simply drop the Giant near the center of the map. It will attract the entire army as you can find a way to cycle the ranged troops in your deck. Even Sparky may prove to be an effective counter if the opponent’s army mainly consists of ground troops. After deploying either of these cards, all you can do is counter attack with the help of the Princess or the Ice Wizard.

Offensive Strategies

Giant Sparky PushLet me draw up a picture of how your offensive strategy will pan out. On one side of the arena, you will have your Giant, Sparky, and Princess. On the other side, the Hog Rider and the Ice Wizard will form your attacking army. Alternatively, you may even attack with the Barbarians and the Minion Horde.

In the initial stages of the battle, all you need to do is defend your mini towers. Counter attack whenever you can. Your primary tanking troops would be the Sparky and the Giant. Yo can even go along with the Hog Rider and the Barbarians if need be. The Minion Horde, Princess, and the Ice Wizard will act as your support troops. For instance, even if three minions are left after defense, you are free to deploy the Giant or the Sparky to push that side of the arena.

Once you reach the double elixir stage of the game, deploy the Sparky near the King Tower. If the opponent attacks the other lane, drop the Minion Horde in the center and let them kite and destroy the army. Thus, at least a couple of minions will survive to act as support troops to your Sparky. Deploy the Giant before the Sparky reaches the bridge.

You may consecutively deploy the Princess or the Ice Wizard. After that, all you need to do is seep the Hog Rider in at the perfect moment when the tower as well as the defending troops are engaged with your main army. This strategy will enable you to take down the mini tower and the King Tower in no time. Add to that the Barbarians and your opponent will never know what hit him/her.

Possible Replacements

The Ice Wizard could be replaced with the Ice Spirit. The latter will render the much-needed elixir advantage along with mustering similar range of abilities. Furthermore, the Princess can be replaced with the Tornado just to provide the additional defensive push. The Tornado can trap the opponent’s army as your Minion Horde can destroy it in a jiffy. The Sparky can obviously not be replaced since it is the primary win condition of this deck.


Clash Royale Spell Bait Decks Spell Bait Decks: Since you only have the one spell, a quick cycling spell bait deck will be a daunting hurdle for you. All you can do is concentrate on your offense. Keep deploying the Hog Rider on the other side of the arena whenever it turns up. Keep your Zap in check in order to counter any possible swarms.

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