The Winner is – Three Musketeers + Miner

The Three Musketeers card, aptly named after our childhood heroes, is the most expensive card in the Clash Royale universe. It can drain out your elixir bar much sooner than it was filled in the first place. However, the Three Musketeers pack quite a punch after latching on to a target. Heck, they have the ability to take down the mini tower as well as the King Tower in just a few powerful hits, if left undefended. The only problem lies in the number of counters available against this high elixir card. One of the most used cards, the Fireball, can take them down easily. You only need to add a few equally powerful cards and spell baits in your deck in order to make it work.

Three Musketeers Miner Deck

This deck was developed by RSivak who took inspiration from another clasher. Your initial tactics would depend heavily on defense. You should not reveal the Three Musketeers early in the game. Not only because you can’t deploy the card (lack of elixir), but also because it acts as a major surprise factor in your deck.

Defensive Strategies

Cycling the deck during defense will be a bit difficult at the start. But with practice, you can eventually get there. Deploy the Elixir Collector as soon as it appears. Don’t place it anywhere near the King Tower. You will want the opponent to expend his/her Fireball, Lightning, or Rocket at it. Thus, the collector is the major spell bait of your deck.

The Goblin Gang, Skeletons, and the Log will form your defensive trio. In the case of a huge push, don’t hesitate to deploy the Electro Wizard. Its spawn ability can halt the troops in their tracks. Now, you can’t use the Battle Ram or the Three Musketeers for defense. However, if you have any leftover troops after defending your tower, you can counter attack with the Ram or the Miner. The Three Musketeers card is your secret weapon; don’t disclose it just yet.

Offensive Strategies

In the middle or late stage of the game, after you have baited the Fireball, deploy the Three Musketeers behind the King Tower in such a way that two of those tread one lane while the third marches over the other. Your bar will fill up to 7 elixir as soon as the Musketeers reach the bridge. Drop the Ram ahead of the musketeer in one lane and let the Miner dig his way to the other mini tower. Your opponent will be all of a dither regarding his/her defense.

You can further pressurize both the lanes by deploying the Electro Wizard in one and the Goblin Gang in the other. Alternatively, you may bet all your money on a straight flush. Deploy the Three Musketeers in a single lane. Drop the Battle Ram in front of them. As soon as the mini tower starts targeting the Ram, deploy the Miner at it. Any defensive maneuvers from the opponent can be swept away by the Log.

Possible Replacements

Simply put, you can’t hope to win with this deck if you were to replace any of the legendaries. The Log renders a perfect balance to the three air-ground targeting units. The Arrows will be a liability in its place since low-HP air swarms can be easily killed by the Goblin Gang and/or the Electro Wizard.

The Electro Wizard, in turn, cannot really be replaced with a Wizard or Archers. You will either lose power or the multiple-hit skill, and you certainly won’t get his spawn ability. All three strengths of the Electro Wizard are critical for the success of this deck. You may try to swap the Miner for the Goblin Barrel, but then you will need to bait the Arrows along with the Fireball.


Quick Cycle Weakness

Quick Cycle Decks: If you are up against a quick cycle deck that heavily depends upon chip damage, then you may run into some trouble. You can’t keep defending such decks forever at the start of the battle. But if you are able to preserve at least one of your mini towers till the double elixir stage, then you can push a single lane and try to destroy the opponent’s King Tower.

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