The Winner is – Valkyrie + Hog Rider

The Valkyrie is a powerful ground troop that can easily wipe out huge swarms within her reach. Acting as a part-time tank, she is a highly versatile troop that can help you win even on a bad day. However, her utility seems to decline with the rise in the number of trophies. She is at her best between Arena 5 and Arena 7. It becomes increasingly difficult to push trophies with her aid post that. What if I let it slip that there is a Valkyrie deck for Arena 8 and above? Without further ado, here’s that very deck which can help you push trophies beyond count.

Valkyrie Deck

At first glance, it may seem to be an entirely new deck. However, upon close inspection, you may realize that you have already encountered a similar deck somewhere. Take a trip down memory lane back to those Arena 5 days. Do you remember the ‘trifecta’ deck that was so popular back then? Almost every second Clasher had a Hog Rider, Valkyrie, and Musketeer in his/her repertoire. Our best pick is similar to the age-old trifecta deck, but DabMaster2 was able to replace most of the cards with their stronger counterparts.

Defensive Strategies

Clash Royale Cannon

All the cards in this deck, with the sole exception of the Hog Rider, are extremely useful for defense. The Valkyrie can slaughter any ground swarms or medium-sized tanks. If your opponent’s army contains a few air troops, don’t hesitate to deploy the Executioner. Even if he doesn’t render a positive elixir trade, you can use him for counter pushing with the Hog Rider. The Lumberjack is another troop useful for taking down tanks.

Deploy the Cannon wisely. You would mostly need to place it in the center of your side of the arena. If the opponent has troops with an affinity to buildings, like the Giant or the Hog Rider, reserve the Cannon especially for those. If you have already expended the Executioner and the opponent somehow manages to conjure an army comprised of air and ground troops, then you can use the Tornado-Fireball combo. It goes without saying that the Ice Spirit can be used to freeze any remnants in place.

Offensive Strategies

Hog Rider Valkyrie

A trifecta deck means that you have three win conditions to work with instead of just one. In the antediluvian deck, the Hog Rider, Valkyrie, and the Musketeer were the win conditions. In this remodeled one, we have four of those under our belt. Nothing can stand in the way of your army once the Valkyrie, Lumberjack, Hog Rider, and Executioner start marching toward the opponent’s tower. This can only happen in the late game, of course. All you need to do is counter attack as much as you can in the initial and mid stages of the battle.

You will need to cycle back to your Hog Rider as quickly as possible. You may either go with the Lumberjack-Ice Spirit or Valkyrie-Ice Spirit for the purpose. And anyway, your defense and counter push will bring back your favorite little hopping tank in no time. Try to push with smaller combinations of the Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Executioner, and Lumberjack.

During the double elixir time, drop the Valkyrie near the King Tower. Follow her up with the Executioner. Deploy the Lumberjack between the Valkyrie and the Executioner. As soon as the trio reaches the bridge, let the Hog Rider soar just behind the Valkyrie and the Lumberjack. Like a cherry on top, drop the Ice Spirit as well in order to freeze any defensive units.

Possible Replacements

The Lumberjack can be easily swapped for the Mini Pekka. However, your troops won’t be able to bask in the warm coat of Rage post his death.


Lightning Spell Card

Lightning: This card has the ability to wipe out your entire army. You can try to deploy the troops as far apart as possible in order to avoid getting all of them zapped. However, they will eventually funnel through the bridge, thus making them highly vulnerable to Lightning.

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