The Best X-Bow Deck is – X-Bow + Rocket

You read it right mate! The X-Bow and the Rocket work in perfect conjunction with each other. Not necessarily back to back, however. You may be imagining a scenario where your X-Bow gets overpowered by a drove of the opponent’s support troops, and you simply need to drop the Rocket on them. Nah, this deck is a bit more complicated than that. And regardless of the stupidity level of the opponent, he/she will never exhaust all Elixir in taking down your X-Bow. Just take a look at the entire deck.

Best Xbow Deck

Admittedly, the X-Bow is the most underused card in the higher Arenas. And for good reason. It has the potential to destroy the mini tower while staying out of its range if left undefended. But no clasher in the higher Arenas is foolish enough to leave your X-Bow to its merry demolition state. The aforementioned X-Bow deck was developed by Unstoppable. Here’s how you should play with it, and you are bound to amass more than 5000 trophies before long.

Defensive Strategies – Early Game

Xbow Defense Early Your defensive strategies will depend upon your offensive ones. But you don’t want to reveal your X-Bow right away. So, very early in the game, all you got to do is try to disclose your opponent’s cards with the help of the Elixir Collector and the Skeletons. He/she is bound to drop a spell or two to take care of the Elixir Collector.

It is impossible to get a positive elixir trade with spells to counter Skeletons, so you may expect a Goblin Gang or Minion deployment. That way, your opponent could safely counter attack after killing the Skeletons. Dropping a tank would be their next move. So, keep your fingers poised to deploy the Electro Wizard, Knight, or Log depending upon the HP of the tanking troop.

Offensive Strategies – Mid Game

Xbow OffenseAfter you have taken care of their offense, simply deploy the X-Bow one tile away from the bridge and let it attack the mini tower. The Knight should be used to counter any ground troops and the Fire Spirits will destroy any low-HP air troops. If the opponent can muster enough Elixir to drop a high DPS or a high-HP troop, or both, then you can destroy those with the Log-Electro Wizard combo.

Don’t worry if you are not able to take down the entire mini tower with the X-Bow. If you have inflicted half the damage, then you can let the opponent attack again, while you defend using the same early game strategies. However, if you think you have taken off enough damage from the tower so that you can blast it off with your Rocket, then the game will change big time!

Defensive Strategies – Late Game

Xbow Defense LateThe opponent’s mini tower can be taken down with a single Rocket attack? The game is in your favor. All you need to do is to keep defending thereafter. It doesn’t matter when you rocket the tower down, just concentrate on your defense. Remember, the opponent doesn’t know yet that you have the Rocket in your repertoire, unless of course, you have already used it for defense.

It doesn’t really matter since the opponent will keep attacking either way. Your X-Bow deployment strategy will change in the late game. Depending on the lane being attacked, you will need to place the X-Bow accordingly. For instance, if the opponent is more prone to attack the right lane, then place the X-Bow one tile right from the center of your arena. It is critical to defend your X-Bow at this point, regardless of the Elixir cost.

Deploy all the cards you can to defend your X-Bow. There will come a point in the double elixir stage when you may even have to drop the Elixir Collector bang in front of it. That way, you will get time to amass enough Elixir to deploy the Electro Wizard or even the Rocket. And when there are a prized few seconds left till the end of the battle, let your Rocket soar to the low-HP mini tower. Bang, you win!

Possible Replacements

Xbow ReplacementsSince the Electro Wizard’s spawn damage is not as useful in this deck, you can easily replace it with either the Musketeer or the Archers. The Log will be a bit tough to replace. The chip damage inflicted on the mini tower with it will be beneficial for you in the long run. You could try using the Arrows or the Fireball, but you will need to plan their deployment really well.


Xbow Weaknesses Lavaloon: This deck is the biggest hurdle to our X-Bow. The only viable air attacking troops in your bag is the Electro Wizard and the Fire Spirits. While the Lavaloon strategy can be overcome, you will need an exceptional amount of skill to do that. You will need to distract the support troops (Minions, Mega Minion etc.) with the Skeletons, and quickly drop the Electro Wizard in range to take them down. Reduce the HP of the Lava Hound and the Balloon with the help of Fire Spirits, and Rocket them down. The X-Bow and Electro Wizard will take care of the remnants.

Royal Giant: This guy is considered to be the biggest counter to the X-Bow. However, you can easily take it down with the help of your support troops. Destroy any of the opponent’s low-HP support troops with the Fire Spirits. If there’s a Musketeer or an Electro Wizard backing the Royal Giant, simply drop the Knight. This will leave you to deal with the Royal Giant. Your Skeletons and Electro Wizard will smash him in no time.

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