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I saw a post earlier about a person asking about the {793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} rates of each chest that you earn from battles. A couple people suggested it was {793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} (ex: magic 1{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414}, gold 25{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414}, silver 74{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} etc)

Good theory, but NOT the case. It is based on a chest order, or a cycle. When the cycle goes through, it restarts again. This is not a theory, it is proven. I was exploring the game files and found the chest order cycle. The cycle starts when you finish opening up the fixed chests at the beginning of the game. Here it is below: 

I pasted it in a pastebin because it is way too long for this post. If you look at the top, “MainCycle” is when the cycle starts. Everything before that are fixed chests at the beginning. Theoretically, there are 3 magic chests in the 240 chest cycle, so yes, that guys {793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} prediction of 1{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} is not too far off. 3/240 = 1.25{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} chance of magical chest.

Just clearing it up 🙂 this chest order is useful to see what chest you’ll be getting next! (the only practical way of taking note of this is waiting til you get a magical chest and start taking note of it lol)

Hope it helped!


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Click HERE for the updated Chest Drop Order list

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  1. 1. silver x 2 -> gold -> silver x 3 -> gold -> silver x 4 -> gold
    2. silver x 2 -> gold -> silver x 4 -> gold
    3. silver x 1 -> gold -> silver x 4 -> gold -> silver x 4 -> gold

    That rotated 3 pattern. isn’t it?

  2. Well, that explains why your 4th chest after beginning the online matches is always GOLD, and now i know that i should NOT fight if I have no chest slots…
    because my next chest = magical, if the cycle is correct!

  3. one question need answer ….if our chests slots are full and we go to attack and win a match will our chest stay like it should be or the cycle will continue??? like we have magical chest forward and we go to attack and win the match then what will happen if our slots are full?? chest disappear? or stay

  4. I am very curious about this rotation. 🙂
    Was any evidence and information included in the rotation?
    statistics? Humanities? Math? psychology? I’m really curious. 🙂

    p.s1 Gem rotation in Clash of Clans also have created the same?

  5. My crown is at lvl 6 . i got the fixed magical chest but i got the giant box in 181th win. I got only this giant box . NOTHING ELSE!!! WHY?!!

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