Legendary, Super Magical, and Epic Chest Drops – 2017

In the previous article, we discussed the drop system for Silver, Gold, Giant, and Magical chests. We debated the apparent uncertainties and irregularities in the drops, and considered the occasional odd simultaneous magical giveaways. Now, let us move on to Legendary, Super Magical, and Epic Chests. Yes, there is order in the chaos of these high-end drops as well. Many players thought that these high-level chest drops were entirely dependent upon chance. While there is definitely a chance of a drop, it is a rare one. Let us figure out the drop cycle for the most sought after chests in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Legendary Chest Drop System 2017

  • Legendary Chest:

    Many had ventured to theorize and predict the drop-rate of Legendary chests, but to no avail. Finally, a Reddit user stumbled upon the right strategy. This chest consists of a single Legendary card, but as you might know, one Legendary card has much more value than any other card in the game.

According to the Reddit user, the primary criterion is to achieve 2000 trophies and stay in those 2K+ leagues. Another requirement is that you need to complete 2 chest cycles before you can get the Legendary drop. 2 chest cycles amount to a whopping 478 chest-drops, and you will need to be meticulously regular on Clash Royale in order to gain the required edge.

Alternatively, you can climb up to the Legendary league to avail of the more frequent Legendary drops. You can get one within just a single cycle over there. However, it is critical that you stay in the Legendary arena for the entire part of a cycle.

Clash Royale Epic Chest Drop Rate 2017

  • Epic Chest:

    Similar to the Legendary chest, the Epic chest also drops after 2 chest cycles. The only difference is that you will need to open at least one Legendary chest in order to be eligible for the Epic one. That is a few good more than those required for the Legendary chest, but entirely worth the wait since you get to pocket 10 Epic cards!

Clash Royale Chest Drop Rates 2017

  • Super Magical Chest:

    Now this one is a bit more complicated than the rest. The Super Magical chest will only drop after you have unlocked close to 500 regular chests. And it is not yet assured that you will get one after opening 500 chests either. It may appear after exactly the 500th chest drop, or it may show itself after the 600th. A fixed time has not yet been determined for the Super Magical chest drop. However, there is one huge advantage of waiting for this insanely rare chest. The number of Epic cards it contains is staggeringly high, and you are bound to land a Legendary card more often than not.

Clash Royale Chest Drop System 2017

All you need to do is follow the cycles, and you can eventually end up with the best deck that Clash Royale has to offer. Regular opening of chests is a must, or else you might disrupt the entire cycle, thus bringing you back to square one.

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