Everything You Need To Know About The Clash Royale Spring Crown Championship

If you are a regular at Clash Royale, you are bound to have encountered tidbits about the Spring Crown Championship Tournament. It is going to be one of the largest tournaments hosted by Supercell so far on any of their gaming platforms. And you can participate free of cost. What more could you ask for! You have ended up at the right place if you don’t already know what this championship tournament is all about. Here’s a rundown on the most happening arena in the Clash Royale universe.

Clash Royale Spring Crown Championship

Clash Royale Spring Crown Championship Rundown

  • The Undisputed Champion: This tourney aims to find the undisputed champion in the breath-taking world of Clash Royale. Do you feel that you deserve to be in the Legendary Arena but are seemingly left out due to bad matchups? Do you believe that you are the best clasher in the game? Test your skills against equally good clashers in this challenging tourney.
  • Climbing the Steps: You are required to prove your credibility in this tournament akin to any other one. First and foremost, you will need to be a level 8 clasher in order to take part in the tourney. Once your account meets this criterion, you will need to climb 4 steps to be declared the winner.
    • Step 1 (Open Play): Close to a thousand players will be competing against you. While you may know that millions of players are registered on the platform, you can rest assured that there will be hundreds of such 1000-player matches; so, you are certain to find a spot.
    • Step 2 (Bracket Play): A whopping 1024 clashers will be let loose against each other. And 8 such slots will be organized. If you think you are better than most, get ready to land on this step.
    • Step 3 (Top 8): Qualifying to the top 8 will be one heck of a task. You will have to fight against 1024 players in your bracket after all! A tremendous amount of self-belief and an exceptional level of skill will be called for in order to bag a spot on this step.
    • Step 4 (The Final 6): Six of the most proficient clashers among the 8 will be chosen to step onto this pedestal. Even if you don’t go on to win the tournament, worldwide fame is certainly assured at this level.

Clash Royale Spring Crown Championship

Spring Crown Championship Details

The tournament will run from May 11 to July 2, 2017. And since it is called the Spring Crown Championship, there will follow a tournament for every season. Thus, if you are somehow down on your luck in the spring season, it may sprout in the summer or autumn season!


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