Equip yourself with All the Knowledge about the Mega Knight

Had you managed to scrape 12 wins in the Mega Knight Challenge? If so, then you might have had more time to practice with it since its actual release date was 10 days after the challenge. Still, can’t find a suitable deck that could work in sync with his capabilities? That might be because you are sorely lacking in research.

Everyone knows that the Mega Knight is one of the most powerful cards to have graced the Clash Royale universe. However, no troop can single-handedly win you a battle. The Mega Knight needs to work with other troops and spells in order to help you achieve victory. Gaining complete knowledge about a particular card will eventually aid you in building a formidable deck around it. Here’s all you need to know about the Mega Knight.

Elixir Cost – 7
Deploy Time – 1 second
Target – Ground
Affinity – None
Range – Melee
Jump Range – 4 to 5 tiles
Speed – 60
Hit Speed – 1.8 seconds
Rarity – Legendary
Level 1 HP – 3300, DPS – 133, Spawn Damage – 480

The Positives

Mega Knight

The Mega Knight is the only troop apart from the Electro Wizard who deals spawn damage. He is a splash damage troop, highly effective against ground swarms. If the opponent has a ground beatdown deck, then any number of support troops will find it difficult to tear through the Mega Knight. Simply deploy him near the support troops and watch as he kills each and every one of them.

Quite like the Bandit, the Mega Knight can jump from one troop to another. He works well as a tank and can also be used for support. Drop him along with high DPS troops and let him work his magic. He is a beast in defending against an army of troops. While the Lava Hound has the benefit of being an air troop, the Mega Knight has 300 HP more than the former.

The Negatives

Mega Knight Card

Since the Mega Knight is a melee troop, he is utterly useless against air decks. Hence, it is better to include him in a quick cycle deck so that you won’t need to waste 7 Elixir unnecessarily against air troops. You can also use him as a distraction. Most high elixir cards in Clash Royale are either heavy tanks or high DPS supports. The Mega Knight has a bit of both, which might just make him a liability in some cases.

The Bandit is invulnerable while making the dash toward a troop. However, the Mega Knight can be hit and slain while jumping. As you may have noticed, he needs to charge before making the jump. Though the Zap cannot stop the jump midway, the Log definitely can.

While the Mega Knight can easily take care of ground swarms, he sucks at one-to-one combat. Troops like the Pekka and the Prince can kill him without getting killed. This will allow the opponent to counter-attack.

Regardless of his drawbacks, the Mega Knight packs quite a punch. He is unquestionably worth 7 Elixir while facing off against a deck mostly containing ground troops. Soaking an insane amount of damage is what he excels at. Level 5 would raise his HP to over 4800, so I believe he would be worth the gems spent.

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