The Ultimate Crown Championship in Clash Royale

The Spring Crown Championship was a huge success. More than a million players had participated in the tournament. Additionally, some of them had walked away with huge rewards, grinning from ear to ear with their acquisitions. If you thought that the Spring Crown was the best thing to happen to Clash Royale, you can never be more mistaken. Supercell brings you this year’s Fall Crown Championship, taking things to a whole new level altogether!

The Crown Championship which kicks off on August 16, will start like any other Clash Royale tournament. The first entry will be free for every player. However, the next will require you to shell out a few good gems. So, try to amass as many gems as you can within the week.

Unlike the Spring Crown, the Fall Crown will see players competing from all around the world. More individual regions will be arranged, thus allowing the clashers a better chance of winning. There will be 8 regions in all, namely North America, South America, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Rest of the World. And believe it or not, over a million dollars are up for grabs! The Championship will be broken down into 4 phases.

Phase 1: 20 Wins Challenge

Fall Crown Phase 1 Deviating from the regular order of 12 wins, the Fall Crown will require you to bag 20 wins before qualifying for the next phase. While 20 wins may seem to be a lot, there are quite a few prizes to be won on the way. Five wins will get you a Giant Chest, whereas 9 will present you with a Magical one. 14 wins without losing more than two battles will earn you a Legendary Chest.

The first phase will start on August 16, wrapping up on the 20th of the month. If you manage to secure 20 wins in this challenge, you will be in for some real fun. Your coin count will be a whopping 250,000, not counting the numerous chests and cards that you would have acquired along the way. Plus, you can advance to the next phase, bringing you one step closer to fame and fortune.

Phase 2: Bracket Play

Fall Crown Phase 2 Only the best of the best will be allowed an entry in this phase. And if you are able to get into it by amassing 20 wins in phase 1, consider yourself worthy of the pot. However, the gameplay will become a bit more competitive here. Only 12 clashers from each region will move up the order to the next phase.

The Bracket Play will be a best-of-3 elimination round. Bring on your best game here and you are bound to qualify. It will be conducted from August 23 to the 28th. The 12 most tactical players from every region will advance to Phase 3.

Phase 3: Elimination Week

Fall Crown Phase 3 You will definitely be well on your way to becoming a star in the Clash Royale universe if you are able to secure a place in the Elimination Week. Supercell will broadcast every match, so you better play like you have never played before.

Advancing to phase 4 will be a dream come true, since only one clasher from each region will be chosen. A single day will decide your destiny. And it can be any day from September 5 to September 7. You will have become famous by then, but to bag the money prize, you will need to prove your ability in the best-of-3 round.

Note: There will also be 4 top players from the Spring Crown participating in this phase. Only 2 of them will be chosen for the next round.

Phase 4: Top 10

Fall Crown Phase 4 As you may have guessed, the top 10 players will include one from each of the 8 regions and 2 from the Spring Crown. There will be a total of 18 matches in this phase, and only 6 of the finest clashers will get to play the Finals. The Phase 4 will be conducted between September 12 and October 26.

The Fall Finals

Fall Crown Finals Ah, it’s time you congratulated yourself to get here. It won’t really matter if you win or lose from here on out. You are one of the top 6 players in Clash Royale, in any part of the world for the season! That is the best thing that could happen to any clasher. You will get to travel to the Crown Championship Studio and showcase your skills there. What more could you ask for!

Just so you know, you will have a couple of weeks in your pocket to prepare for the Fall Finals. They will be conducted on November 11 and November 12. There will again be best-of-3 matches to decide who gets to grace the World Finals. Get ready to be rich AF after that, yeah!

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