The King’s Cup Challenge is Here!

Supercell recently announced the second King’s Cup tournament which will be held over the coming weekend. It will take place in one of the most populated regions in the US – Atlanta, Georgia. Also, it is slated to be one of the biggest events organized by Supercell so far. If you didn’t know what King’s Cup was all about already, go through this quick refresher guide.

What is a King’s Cup Tourney/Challenge?

Supercell held the first King’s Cup tournament in Los Angeles. It is a yearly tournament that pits you against the elite Clash creators from YouTube. You need to be physically present at the venue in order to participate. Just register yourself at the official website and knock on their doors. It won’t be an all-expenses paid trip, but if you manage scrape a few wins, then you will stand a chance to collect a sizable amount from a prize pool of $200,000.

The registration fee is a meager $10. It will not only buy you an entry into the live arena, but also a $10 gift card and an exclusive phone charger. Additionally, it is an open-for-all tournament as long as you are older than 16. As mentioned earlier, you will get to test your skills against the top clashers and YouTubers in the world.

Features of the King’s Cup Tournament

The King’s Cup tournament will be held on two days – October 28 and 29. Saturday will see all the participants battle against each other to secure a coveted spot among the elite. Only 8 out of several hundred participants will be chosen to sweat it out on the 29th. Each of the eight will be paired up with a top YouTuber and a hardcore pro. Thus, all the eight teams will be comprised of a regular player, a YouTuber, and a pro.

The coming Sunday, every Clash Royale enthusiast around the world will applaud the one team that will beat every other. Yes, those who couldn’t make it to the tournament venue can watch the competition unfold in the confines of their house over YouTube.

Features of the King’s Cup Challenge

Supercell has come up with a unique challenge for avid clashers to experience the thrill of the upcoming tournament. The amazing King’s Cup challenge is already underway. It comes equipped with 3 modes – Practice mode, Challenge mode, and Elite mode. The practice mode will have one free entry. Make the most of that pass to proceed to the Challenge mode, and even to the Elite mode if you can. This blind-deck style challenge will end on the same day as the tournament.

Let’s Talk about the Decks

You can only play with the decks created by the pros and YouTubers. There are 8 such decks representing each team. The ‘Viva La Sparky’ deck has the Sparky and the Rocket as its heavyweights. The ‘Tower Tornados’ includes the Hog Rider and the Log apart from its namesake. The ‘Vitamin C’ deck has the Three Musketeers and the Night Witch, whereas the ‘Ultra Nytes’ deck boasts of the Mega Knight.

Then there’s the ‘Sparky Masters’ deck with the Electro Wizard and Miner for support. The ‘Misplaced Rockets’ deck includes the Furnace and the Flying Machine. The ‘Salty Goblins’ deck has the Cannon Cart and Inferno Dragon to boot. Finally, the ‘Meta Maulers’ deck with Lumberjack and Mini Pekka packs quite a punch.

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