Should you Go for the Grand Challenge or the Classic Challenge?

The basic and the most obvious difference between a Classic Challenge (CC) and a Grand Challenge (GC) is the entry cost. You can sign up for 10 CC tournaments at the cost of entering a single GC. However, is the Grand Challenge really worth the 100 gems spent? Let’s find out.

The Gold Odds

While you get to play more games in a CC than in a GC, the amount of gold that you win is relatively lesser. Thus, if you play one GC instead of 10 CCs, you will get more gold than all the CC matches combined (if you were to win the same number of battles that is). For instance, losing 3 matches in a row will grant you a total of 1300 gold in 10 CC battles. On the other hand, you will earn 1400 gold in a single GC tourney by losing 3 matches.

The Legendary Odds

There is barely any difference between the chances of landing a Legendary card in the CC and the GC. Don’t win any match in the 10 CCs and the one GC, and you will still stand an almost equal chance of winning a Legendary card in the resulting chests. However, the difference increases as you climb the ladder of wins. Say if you were to win 12 GC battles, the ensuing chest will give you a 6{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} more chance of acquiring a Legendary card than 10 CC chests (12 wins in each).

Quality of Players

In a Grand Challenge, you will either find the quintessential gemmers or the barbaric geniuses, along with the occasional casual player. However, the Classic Challenge arena will be frequented by all kinds of players. Clashers around the world tend to prepare themselves well before shelling out 100 gems in the GC battles. On the other hand, 10 gems aren’t that difficult to come by. Any clasher can afford to spend the amount, without giving a damn about winning or losing. Thus, you will stand a higher chance of bagging 12 wins in a CC rather than in a GC.

The Time Factor

This is another obvious point but worth a mention. Each of the two ‘challenge’ tournaments provide a 3-minutes worth of overtime. So, if you were to use up the 3 extra minutes in every battle of the 10 CC tournaments, you will be spending a whopping five and a half hours more than what you would in getting 12 wins in a GC! Thus, if you value time more than money/gems, then you would be better off practicing for a GC. The rewards are marginally more beneficial anyway. The hours that you spend in practicing for the GC would definitely be brought into question. But they would improve your overall gameplay. It would enable you to win the Crown Chest quicker in the arena matches as well.

Thus, if you have all the time in the world and relatively fewer gems, then you can go for the Classic Challenge. However, if time itself is money to you, and you have a 100 gems to spare, then you should definitely take a shot at the Grand Challenge.


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