Cannon Cart Challenge Second Difference

Meet The Cannon Cart

Cannon Cart

The Cannon Cart is the first of a new batch of cards to arrive. While it hasn’t been officially released, players can obtain Cannon Carts by achieving eight or more wins in the Cannon Cart challenge. While new cards always take time to be entirely accurately evaluated, I thought to at least give my first impressions after 30 or so matches.


At tournament standard, Cannon Cart deals 203 damage every 1.2 seconds, with 696 hitpoints and shield hitpoints. When the shield breaks, the cannon loses its cart and becomes a stationary building. It should be noted that Cannon Cart does not retarget upon losing its shield, nor do enemies stop targeting it. The (limited) ability to lure defense targeters makes Cannon Cart a somewhat versatile defender despite being unable to hit air, while its range of 5.5 and balanced firepower allows it to be effective support against anything from Goblin Gangs to Knights.

Cannon Cart seems to be an effective counter-pusher, given the user is able to keep its shield at least partially intact while defending. It is also worth noting that Cannon Cart, when unshielded, can prevent enemy Ice Golems and Giants from kiting: Rather than continue down the opposite lane, they are attracted to the Cannon Cart.


Hog Rider: The Cannon Cart’s agility complements the Hog Rider well. While less useful in cycle decks due to its cost of 5 elixir, Cannon Cart could see play in Hog Control decks in a counter-push role similar to Musketeer, exchanging air targeting for speed and hitpoints.

Three Musketeers: Cannon Cart is likely to be used with Three Musketeers similarly to Battle Ram- the ability to tank multiple Lightning bolts, many decks’ only hard counter to Three Musketeers, is invaluable.

Bridge Spam: Cannon Cart seems to synergize with the current meta. Its speed is similar to other Bridge Spam cards and its balanced damage and good range allow it to effectively assist Bandit against a variety of enemies.

Sample Deck

The above clip shows how effective Cannon Cart can be, even at just level one. In the deck used, Battle Ram, Ice Golem, Night Witch, and Cannon Cart are all effective “Lightning rods” to protect the Musketeers; EC serves as spell bait; Bandit synergizes with Battle Ram and Night Witch to create the Bridge Spam trifecta; zap is a utility/AOE spell. Other cards considered were Knight and Inferno Dragon.


Cannon Cart is a 5 elixir ranged support card that doesn’t hit air, and there is one other card like that- Bowler, which is considered useless against air decks. Fortunately, Cannon Cart is at least able to distract Lava Hounds and Balloons once its shield is removed, but paying 5 Elixir for a 1400 HP distraction is nowhere near optimal.

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