Time to Answer all your Questions about Quests

Clash Royale an amazingly addictive game in all aspects, and Quests have taken its addiction a notch higher. As you might know, the concept of Quests is not a new one. Almost every other card game carries quests in their offerings (remember those of Hearthstone?). And Clash Royale is no different; it has just been a long time coming. However, the rewards offered by Clash Royale Quests are highly attractive.

The Basics

Quests are available every 24 hours. You cannot get more Quests if you already have 3 incomplete ones. The timer to new quests will start once you accomplish the tasks in the Quests. If you think that a Quest is too difficult or the rewards are too low, you can replace it with another one. However, only one Quest can be replaced every day.

The Rewards

You will get a certain amount of Quest points (usually 20), guaranteed! But what are Quests points? They are the points that you collect in order to open chests. More Quest points will grant you access to better chests.

You get a Golden chest for 50 points, a Giant or a Magical chest for 300 points, an Epic chest for 350 points, a Legendary chest for 400 points, and a Super Magical chest for 500 points. Thus, you can either go for a Golden chest every second day, or accumulate enough Quest points to buy one of the higher chests.

You also stand a chance to win cards after successfully completing a Quest. You can either get Common, Rare, or Epic cards with each Quest. There is a possibility of a Gem reward as well. Gold rewards are also an option, so you can expect more of those.

The Types

You will be asked to play certain types of cards. For instance, ‘Play an Epic card X times in a game’, or ‘Play any spell cards X times’. There are Quests that will require you to win different types of battles X times in different arenas. There are also some that will require you to do simple tasks, like ‘Request cards’ or ‘Play an arena battle’. The relatively easy Quests will grant lesser points, whereas the difficult ones will be highly rewarding.

In addition to the regular quests, you might also receive the Daily Gift Quest. All you need to do is to collect gifts every day, which may include anything ranging from cards to gold. You will also receive 5 Quest points each day. The Daily Gift Quest lasts for a week, so remember to redeem your rewards for every day of the week.


For those of you who haven’t played any kind of quests in any other card game, the concept may be a bit difficult to grasp just by reading. Experience the world of Quests for yourself, and you will eventually get used to it. After getting your first Legendary chest, you will even start loving the concept. Personally, I think it will be tough for me to stop at 400 points. I would rather accumulate a 100 more to bag the Super Magical chest. What are your thoughts?

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