How To Build Your Own Deck | Clash Royale Strategies

Welcome Clashers, NickAlpha here! In this article, I am going to highlight everything that you need to take into account while creating your own Clash Royale deck. Let’s begin!

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How to Make Your Own Clash Royale Deck | Clash Royale Strategies


In order to choose the appropriate cards for your deck and assure a lot of win streaks, you need to take the following factors into account:

  • The ability to build powerful pushes
  • The ability to counter your opponent’s cards

All decks contain one or more win conditions. Win conditions are the cards that assure your win. Let’s start by highlighting what types of cards should be included in your deck.


It would be a good idea to include at least one Building in your deck. Buildings differ from each other; some are purely defensive, while others have offensive purposes as well. The Inferno Tower, for example, is a purely defensive card. It is extremely effective against lone units with high HP (Hitpoints), as its damage increases very quickly overtime and it often kills melee units before they can even reach it. Furnace, however, can serve both defensive and offensive purposes. It is great when dealing with big swarms of low HP units such as the Minion Horde, as the Fire Spirits that it spawns do considerable area damage, despite having low HP.

The Furnace’s Fire Spirits can be used offensively as well; if your Furnace’s Level is high enough, one of the Fire Spirits that it spawns will always reach the Crown Tower and deal damage if ignored, due to Fire Spirits having Very Fast Speed. Finally, they can also be extremely effective at destroying your opponent’s defenses and allowing your troops to get in and do high damage to their Tower. All Buildings can be used to pull your opponent’s troops, offering you more time to react to their pushes and protect your Crown Tower. A different and unique kind of Building is the Elixir Collector, which boosts Elixir Production.

Example of a Building Card (Inferno Tower).
Example of a Building (Inferno Tower).


Troops are divided into different scales of five categories. The first category is based on the range of the Troops; they are divided into melee and ranged. The second category is based on their form; they are divided into air/flying and ground Troops. The third category is based on their target; they are divided into only-Building-targeting, ground-targeting, and ground-&-air-targeting. The fourth category is based on the radius of their attack; they are divided into splash and single-targeting. The fifth and final category is based on their HP (Hitpoints); they are divided into Tanks, mini-Tanks, and fragile Troops.

Let the listing begin (NOTE: this is based on statistics and combinations other than these may be effective as well):

  • You should include at least 2 melee and 2 ranged attackers in your deck.
  • Try and include at least 2 air Troops and 3 Ground Troops in your deck.
  • Try Including at least 1 only-Building-targeting Troop, 2 ground-targeting and 2 ground & air targeting Troops in your deck.
  • You should include at least 2 single-targeting and 2 splash Troops in your deck.
  • You should include at least 1 Tank, 2 mini-Tanks and 2 fragile troops in your deck.
Example of a Troop (Mini P.E.K.K.A).
Example of a Troop (Mini P.E.K.K.A).


Spells are extremely important in a Clash Royale deck. At least 1-2 Spells should be included in a deck. They can have multiple functions, such as kill swarms of Troops, destroy buildings, deal the last blow to a Crown Tower in order to take it down, heal friendly Troops or freeze your enemy’s cards and Towers. All Spells have a specific radius and their own different effects. All spells can target ground Troops, while the two Legendary Spells: the Graveyard and The Log are the only Spells that do not affect air Troops. Spells can be useful in both defense and offense.

Example of a Spell (Zap).
An example of a Spell (Zap).

Now that all of the card requirements have been mentioned, it’s time to talk about Elixir and countering. The Average Elixir Cost of a deck defines how much elixir you spend on average during every play you make. It’s advantageous to keep this cost low, as it means the lower this cost is, the more cards you will be able to use per full Elixir Bar (10 Elixir). It is best to keep the Average Elixir Cost of your deck below 4.2 or below 4.6 if an Elixir Collector is included in your deck.


When choosing the cards in your deck, you need to consider all of the cards in the game and make the best possible combination to counter all of them. A counter to a card is another card that kills it without allowing it to get any damage on your Crown Tower. A counter-push is the event that happens when a counter to your opponent’s card(s) takes minimal to no damage and heads towards your opponent’s Crown Tower for a push. When the counter is a Tank/mini-Tank, make sure to support it from behind. When the counter is a support card, place a Tank/mini-Tank in front of it. This is the one of reasons why the above troop requirements have been mentioned.


The meta is the total of decks that is used by the majority of Clash Royale players in a certain period. You always need to consider the meta when creating your deck. For example, a lot of players nowadays use the Night Witch. Then, you should probably include the Executioner in your deck, a hard counter to the Night Witch (hard counter: the card that counters another card in an extremely effective way). Generally, the cards in your deck need to complement each other and create good synergies. It is not always good to copy meta decks, as players eventually learn how to counter them and that is usually the end of that specific meta.

 Night Witch Legendary CardVersusExecutioner Epic Card


The most important thing that your deck has to do is make you have fun while using it. The purpose of every game ever is to make the players enjoy themselves and be entertained while playing it, and if you don’t have fun using a specific deck, it’s not worth playing with it. Your deck should be based on your personal play-style preferences.

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Good luck, have fun and happy Clashing!
– NickAlpha

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