Clash Royale Lava Hound

Clash Royale New Card Spoilers

User spAnser over at Reddit has leaked some super interesting looking new Clash Royale Cards. Unfortunately it is going to be another Legendary card so most of us that are F2P will have no chance of actually ever getting to use one.. Oh well, still hype! Stats and images of the new cards below. He also shared some information on Battle Reward Gold. No one is 100{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} sure when you receive the reward gold but hopefully it is used for when all chest slots are full.. Enjoy guys!


Lava Hound


  • Unlocked: P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse
  • Card Rarity: Legendary Card
  • Elixir Cost: 8
  • Lava Hound Count: 1
  • Deploy Time: 1s
  • HP: 3000
  • Attack Range: 3.5 Tiles
  • Attack Speed: 1.3s
  • Upon Death: Spawns 8 Lava Pups

Lava Pup


  • Unlocked: N/A
  • Card Rarity: N/A
  • Elixir Cost: N/A
  • Lava Pup Count: 8
  • Deploy Time: N/A
  • HP: 100
  • Attack Range: 1.5 Tiles
  • Attack Speed: 1.3s
  • Upon Death: N/A

Skeleton Warriors


  • Unlocked: Royal Arena
  • Card Rarity: Rare
  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Skeleton Warrior Count: 3
  • Deploy Time: 1
  • HP: 40
  • Attack Range: 1.4 Tiles
  • Attack Speed: 1.2s
  • Upon Death: N/A
  • Shield HP: 200
  • Damage: 50

Battle Reward Gold

Not sure when this gets awarded maybe when your full on chests?

Training Camp5
Goblin Stadium5
Bone Pit7
Barbarian Bowl9
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse11
Spell Valley12
Builder’s Workshop14
Royal Arena15
Legendary Arena20


And there you have it! Just as a note spAnser also commented saying that he has NO IDEA when this is going to happen and from what he has seen “this update isn’t very close to being finished.” Also keep in mind that nothing in this post is final.

Be sure to let me know what you guys think about these new troops and the gold reward system by commenting below!





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