Win 12 Grand Challenge Battles Easily

Do you often find yourself on the losing side of the arena before you could even reach 3 wins in a grand challenge (GC)? Don’t worry! You are not alone in this. There are several million players in Clash Royale who have a knack of losing in grand challenges. Even if a clasher holds a place among the top 100 in the Legendary Arena, he/she is found to struggle with the oddities of the GC.

Oh yeah, the GC is an entirely different ball game altogether. It is nothing compared to the players that you usually face off against in arena battles. There are thousands of clashers who focus their game entirely on the GC. There are even folks who gem solely for the purpose of winning in these matches. On the other hand, there are many others who don’t even participate in the tourney. Thus, it won’t take you long before you end up against one of the stronger GC players in Clash Royale.

Do you wish to defeat all those dedicated GC players? I won’t put you in the dark, it will be a tough path. But I’m here to guide you through it. Many factors count when playing a GC, so I’m only going to elaborate on the most important ones.

Creating a Unique Deck

How To Build Your Own Deck | Clash Royale Strategies

Ah yes, unfortunately for many who are reading this, you will need to develop your own unique deck. If you were looking for the best Grand Challenge decks in this article, I guarantee that you would not have been able to win with them. That is because several other players who have read this article would be employing the same strategy.

To quote it twice, a Grand Challenge is nothing like a regular arena battle. It’s a lose-win (in that order) game that you have to work out on your own. For instance, in the Legendary Arena, you can always expect a Lavahound deck or a Night Witch one. You may also have come to expect an all-out Night Witch counter deck due to the frequency of the troop’s use. However, you can easily pick a counter to any of these decks since millions of clashers are competing here. It takes time for the counters to ripple through the entire community before the arena strategies completely change.

That is not the case with Grand Challenges. The GC community is relatively small and highly dedicated to winning every battle. If a particular deck is winning against every player one day, then on the very next day, you will come across a counter to that. Hence, it is critical that you take the time to create your own unique deck for the purpose.

For a guide on how to make your own Unique Clash Royale Deck, click here.

Practice and Master the Deck

Practice Makes PerfectThe creator barely gets the credit. The one who has mastered the deck claims victory. Practice the deck you created against your clan-mates or in the regular arena battles. Ask your mates to throw up specific decks that you have often encountered in the GC during the day.

Alternatively, you could try climbing the ladder of Classic Challenges. If you average a win rate of about 10 to 12 there, you can go ahead and compete against the GC players. For example, any variation of the Lavaloon deck cannot be handled as effectively by a novice than by an experienced clasher. Practice will take you very far in the GC world.

Remember that you need to dive in as soon as you think you have mastered the deck. The most used strategies may change any time of the day in GC. Win the game while there is still time.

Bonus Tips

Bonus Tips

The Time of the Day: It is a fact that the Americas contain the most number of Clash Royale players in the world. Thus, it goes without saying that they would have the most number of competitive GC clashers as well. A simple tip – avoid playing in their time zone. You will encounter top-rated GC enthusiasts less often.

Connection or Health Issues: Many players in the world tend to lose due to a bad internet connection. There is either a lag in deployment or the connection goes off altogether. Avoid playing a Grand Challenge while traveling, since you won’t get a stable internet connection. Additionally, if you are down with the flu, you won’t really be able to focus on the game. Take a break for a day or two; the GC is not going anywhere.

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