Everything you Need to Know about the Mirror Battle Event

After losing a battle, how many times have you blamed the opponent’s stronger deck or slammed the order in which you got your cards? Can’t count, eh. The arena battles are more about the quality of the cards than the skill of the player. If a clasher has one of the best decks available in the game, then he/she is bound to win on most occasions even with a low level of skill.

At least once, each one of us has faced off against an opponent with barely any talent but with a great mix of legendaries, epics, rares, and commons in his/her deck. Their every card is also a few levels higher than that of yours. In such cases, you can do nothing but sit and stare at the screen as the opponent ruthlessly bulldozes over your towers. Not anymore, however.

Behold the Mirror Battle where you and your opponent will be given the same deck! Thus, it will truly be a test of your skills. Are you worried about the card order? Supercell has removed that excuse out of the picture as well. Each player will have the same starting hand! No troop advantage, no spell advantage, no level advantage, and no order advantage. You will be given an even playing field with nothing but your skills in the spotlight.

Features of the Mirror Battle

  • Mirror Battle is not ladder play but a special event. Click the Events tab to access it.
  • Both players will have the same deck.
  • You will have the same starting hand as your opponent.
  • Both the decks will be equipped with a Mirror card.
  • Mirror Battle is a test of skills rather than of card quality.


The Mirror Battle Daily Practice event will run from October 17 to October 19. You will stand a chance to win 300 gold after acquiring 3 crowns and a Mirror card with 6 crowns (per day).

The Mirror Battle Challenge event will be available from October 20. It will end on October 23. The rewards for the same haven’t been announced yet, but they are bound to be scrumptious.

Tips and Tricks

It’s not only the deck similarity and card order that makes this Mirror Battle event interesting, but also the inclusion of the Mirror card. The thing is, you and your opponent will have the same card rotation too. The Mirror card will help you to break that chain and render the required element of surprise to your strategy. Use it wisely!

Remember that your opponent has the same cards as you do, and use this to your advantage. For instance, if you have the Arrows and the Skeleton Army, coerce the opponent to use his Arrows early on. Once he deploys his Arrows, on say Goblins, you can drop your Skarmy near the bridge. The Skeleton swarm will devour the mini tower in no time.


It will take you some time to get used to the strategies involved in the Mirror Battle event. That is where the Daily Practice battles come in. You can practice as much as you want with a variety of decks before the main event three days later. Try to understand when the Mirror card is to be deployed. You should not only be able to change your card rotation, but also gain an advantage in the battlefield with the Mirror.

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