Cannon Cart 2v2 Draft Challenge Tips

The Clash Royale Cannon Cart Draft Challenge has finally started. It is a 2v2 challenge, so you will need a good partner to win this. There’s a catch – you don’t have the liberty to choose your partner. You will be paired with any active clan mate. Anyway, it will be easy to win 12 times in this challenge if you and your clan mate heed the following tips.

Understand the Nuances of a Draft Challenge

Cannon Cart Challenge Draft Challenge Any draft challenge will allow you pick four cards for yourself and four for your opponent. This one is no different. The only addition is that you will be playing with a teammate. There is one more addition, but we will get to that later in the guide.

So, your partner will have to go through the same procedure of picking and choosing. Here’s how you two could go about picking an effective deck structure.

Pick One, and Let your Partner Pick One:

Don’t rush while choosing your deck. You will need to heed your mate’s cards as well. Pick cards that would complement those of your partner’s. For instance, if your partner has selected a Golem, try to choose a support troop like an Electro Wizard during your next selection. Spells like the Poison and Zap would work in conjunction with the tank.

Counters will Save the Day:

Don’t present your opponent with a counter to any of your or your partner’s troops. For example, pick the Arrows over Lightning if you have a Minion Horde, though the Lightning may prove to be a win condition. Always pick the counter to the card instead of the card itself.

Chaos will Facilitate a Win:

Make your opponent’s deck as chaotic as possible. Don’t ever let them build a winning deck. If they have a Miner, which ideally you should never have given them, then don’t gift the Poison too. Keep mixing their deck with non-relevant cards, but don’t let it compromise your deck.

Pick at least One Win Condition:

You will be better off with two win conditions, not more. You don’t want to crowd your deck with win conditions. Keep quite a few slots open for support troops and spells.

Try to take at least Two Spells:

Spell cards can prove to be a deciding factor in the late game. If you have Rocket or Lightning in your repertoire, you can take down a low-HP mini tower. They are also highly useful for defending a comprehensive attack by the opponent.

Choosing the Right Cards

Always take these win conditions if they turn up – Rocket, Hog Rider, Golem, Giant, Lightning. I’d advise not picking two of these together. You may choose a Hog Rider and Rocket or Lightning, but nothing more. The other cards don’t work well with each other. All you need to do after that is to prepare your deck in sync with your win condition.

Try to pick as many splash damage cards as you can. The Log, Wizard, Fireball, Valkyrie, Bowler, Tornado, Executioner etc. will be a great addition to your team. Area damage spells like the Arrows, Poison, and Zap would be highly beneficial as well.

Never Pick these Cards

Cannon Cart Challenge Dont ChooseThough the following cards may be definite win conditions in a regular arena battle, they are not as effective in a 2v2 challenge – Royal Giant, Three Musketeers, Lava Hound, and Graveyard. The Graveyard can be picked in case you or your partner has a Golem. Similarly, you can go with the Lava Hound if you end up with a combined air-heavy deck, complete with Balloon and Mega Minion. However, I’d advise you to never aim for such decks, since they are not as effective in 2v2 battles.

While it is better to have spell heavy decks in this challenge, don’t ever pick these spells – Heal, Clone, and Mirror. If you do, unfortunately, end up with one, don’t fret. You can simply use it to cycle your deck. If you land all three of those, then God help you!

Should I Take the Cannon Cart?

Cannon Cart Challenge Second DifferenceThe Cannon Cart. Oh yeah, you will either need to pick the Cannon Cart for yourself or give it away to your opponent. If you don’t have any idea what this card does, then simply grant it to your opponent. You can get more information about the Cannon Cart here.

Basically, the Cannon Cart is nothing but a Cannon affixed on a cart. It comes with a shield that has the same HP as the Cannon. Once the shield breaks down, the cart vanishes as well. The contraption will thus become a regular defensive Cannon, unable to move around the arena.

A small advice – if you have picked the Cannon Cart, don’t use it as a win condition but as a support troop. It is not as powerful a tank as you think it is. Just try to use it as a defensive unit and a counter-attacking troop.

Just so you know, the Sparky needs to get a couple of hits before it can destroy the Cannon Cart. Even the Rocket cannot obliterate the troop. So, if your opponent has such high damage troops, you can pick the Cannon Cart just to spite them and also to get a positive Elixir trade.

Note: Don’t take the Cannon Cart lightly. Remember, it can attack ground troops, it can be a mediocre tank, it can distract any building-targeting troops after losing its shield, and it can defend better than the regular Cannon.

Cheap Cycle Decks will Get you to 12 Wins

Cannon Cart Challenge Spell CycleIn 2v2 battles, the quicker you can deploy your cards, the better will it be for you. Cheap, quick cycle decks will definitely work in your favor. However, don’t let the Average Elixir Cost go down below 3. Try to keep it between 3.5 and 4. Complement your partner’s deck without compromising on your Average Elixir Cost.

Win as a Team, or Lose as One

The one critical condition of team play is to ‘Hover your Cards’. Just hold the card that you are about to deploy over the arena for a few seconds. That way, your partner will know what you are trying to accomplish so that he/she will have enough time to reconsider the strategy. Attack or defend as a team, and you are bound to win every battle in no time.

If you end up with a bad partner who tends to Zap a Giant, don’t lose hope. Just play to the best of your ability. If he/she deploys a win condition, follow it up with a viable support troop. Luck counts in these challenges. So, even if you get a good teammate but a bad combination of cards, only your combined skills will help you win.

The End

Thanks for reading! You can find our initial thoughts on the Cannon Cart here!
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