Clash Royale Myths

4 Absurd Clash Royale Myths That We Wished Were True

Like many other offerings from Supercell, Clash Royale has also spawned a few insane myths. We have several mythical fantasy books and novels to fill our appetite, why add to the burden! Nonetheless, considering and busting these myths has been an interesting experience for us. Most of them are logically accurate, and could probably be considered as flaws in the Clash Royale system itself!

The Electrifying Tesla Effect:
Clash Royale Electrifying Tesla

How would two conducting rods placed near each other react when an electrical current is passed through both of them? A streak of current will be visibly passing between them. An electroshock weapon works on the same principle. A few highly intellectual Clashers came up with a theory that if two tesla towers were placed near enough to each other, they would give rise to an electrical stream that will obliterate any troop that crosses their path. It doesn’t happen in-game, but many curious blokes still try to see if it works even today!

Poisoned Arrows:

Poisin Arrows Clash Royale

Well, it is obvious that if you drop a vial of poison in an area, all the material things present in that effective area would be poisoned. But it doesn’t happen if you place a poison spell on your own troops. People somehow seem to think that the poison will coat itself around the goblin’s arrows, or if you attack with the arrow card in range. If that would have been the case, then your troops would have had a damaging effect as well.

The Fireball Analogy:

Clash Royale Fireball Myth

A huge river wave swallowing the entire opposition! Ever pictured this scene before? Yes, in the Lord of the Rings. You may have read or seen how the river washes away the Ringwraiths upon the beck and call of our favorite sorcerer, Gandalf. On those lines, a certain sect of obsessive Clashers came up with the idea that if you drop a Fireball into the river that separates the two opponents in the arena, the eventual splash will gobble up all nearby troops. A waste of time, elixir, and an important card to say the least.

The Insanely Unique Goblin Barrel Counter:

Goblin Barrel Freeze Clash Royale

What would happen if you throw a low-density object over hardened ice? It will simply slide off. Now, imagine a Goblin Barrel thrown by your opponent landing exactly where you have cast the Freeze Spell. You may think that it would slide off the edge of the map, but that doesn’t happen. Quite a few fanatics in your clan may recommend that you drop your Freeze Spell at the spot where the Goblin Barrel is supposed to land before the object even touches the ground. Even if you figure out that precise landing spot, the barrel won’t skid, but break right there as the goblins come tumbling out of the container and start attacking your tower. The best way is to drop the Freeze Spell only after the goblins pop out, incapacitating them as your tower kills them off.

Remember, don’t believe everything you hear, unless of course, you want to waste your time. Continue you to follow us for updates on more hilarious theories. We’ll post a few as soon as they come up!

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