Bag the Night Witch in the Shortest Possible Time!

So, it is the final day of the Night Witch Draft Challenge and you still haven’t managed to secure 12 wins in this sensational tourney. No worries! We are here to help you out in these final moments of the challenge. Have you wondered about the exhilarating thrill after acquiring the most appealing card that Clash Royale has to offer yet? Well then, this is your chance to do so. Here, we have laid out all you need to know for winning this tourney without exasperating yourself to absolute boredom.

The Importance of Picking the Night Witch; or Not?:

The Night Witch is known to spawn a couple of bats every 5 seconds or so. It is similar to the regular Witch who spawns two skeletons at the same rate. However, it is critical to imagine the flight ability of the bats. The Log would prove to be a poor counter to those. Additionally, after its death, the Night Witch gives birth to 4 more of those menacing creatures which makes it frightfully difficult to counter.

The creators of Clash Royale have definitely made the Night Witch out to be an imba support troop. But at the end of the day, it is simply a support troop that can certainly be countered with deftness and skill. The Zap can be used effectively to take care of her bats upon death. The Lightning Spell can kill her in an instant. The Elite Barbarians can easily slay her after she enters your part of the arena. The Three Musketeers, though hefty on the elixir trade, can prove to be destroyers of both the Night Witch and the tank behind which she is hiding.

Of Picking the Right Troops:

There are a very few cards that work in perfect sync with the Night Witch. She can obliterate most opponents in conjunction with the Miner. So, if you are faced with a choice between a counter and the Miner, you would be better off picking the latter. Other tanking troops like the Giant and the Lavahound also work best with this moderately hyped support troop.

Remember, it is also important to pick counters of the Night Witch. You may or may not be able to bag the card in the limelight, but if you have its counters, your opponent will be helpless if you are able to grab the Night Witch. Thus, you will always profit by picking the counters of the focus card, regardless of whether or not you have it in your deck.

Furthermore, if you are given a choice between an expensive card and a cheap one, always pick the former. Cards like the Golem, Hog Rider, and the Royal Giant will render the much needed edge in slaughtering the opponent in the final moments of the battle. Additionally, if you are forced to choose between a card and its counter, go for the latter. A counter-attack will win you the battle under most circumstances after all!

A Well-Balanced Defensive Deck:

This is what you should target. The deck should not only be defensive, but also in perfect sync with every troop. Now, you might think this requires more brains than usual. However, if you follow the aforementioned card picking techniques you would eventually end up with a balanced and defensive combo.

Let us consider that on the first choice, you pick the Arrows and give away the Minions. On the second choice, you pick the Lightning instead of the Log. On the third, you go with the Giant in place of the Graveyard. Thus, you have the required tanking troop to use along with the Night Witch. And even if you fail to acquire her, you have the necessary counter as well.

Hence, as you may have figured out by now, a perfectly balanced deck revolves around the Night Witch itself. If you have the card the in question, you will also have the tanking troop. And if you don’t have the Night Witch, you will conversely have its counter. Pick wisely and you are bound to triumph over every opponent that dares to challenge you.

The Element of Surprise:

As you know, the opponent is aware of 4 of your cards. One or two of the remaining four could be held back for delivering the element of surprise in the final stages of the battle. For instance, if you are able to survive the first few minutes of the battle without using the Giant, your opponent will be left with a false sense of security that you don’t have any card to use in conjunction with the Night Witch.

Thus, he/she will keep attacking your tower, as you keep defending it. As soon as you deploy the Giant in front of the Night Witch, it is bound to baffle your opponent, leaving him/her in a state of turmoil. That is when you take advantage of this confusion and destroy the remaining towers.

The strategies mentioned here are simple and sweet. And most of the opponents you will face will be unaware of those. Hence, it would be pretty easy for you to topple even the best of the lot and gain the ever-elusive Night Witch card without much hassle.

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