2v2 Double Elixir Draft Challenge Tips

When they were launched individually, the draft challenge and the double elixir challenge had received a thunderous welcoming applause. Imagine the excitement generated among fellow clashers when the 2v2 double elixir draft challenge was announced. Since its launch, it has exceeded our expectations and how!

Many players have been struggling to get 9 wins in the Clash Royale challenge, however. So, we thought of whipping up a short guide for you to devour. Rest assured that if you zealously implement these tips, then bagging 9 wins will be as easy as pie for you.

1. Heed your Partner’s Cards

In a 1v1 draft challenge, you only needed to think about dealing cards according to your own deck’s strengths and weaknesses. In the 2v2 arena, you need to check your clan mate’s cards as well. For instance, if your partner has already chosen two tanks, like a Golem and a Lavahound, then you better not pick a third in your deck. You might still need a win condition like a Rocket or a Hog Rider, but don’t go for a Giant or a Pekka.

Pick the counters to your partner’s troops too. You don’t want to gift your opponents with the Arrows or Zap to counter your partner’s Minion Horde or Skarmy. Also, pick the cards that work in perfect conjunction with each other. If your partner has chosen the Miner, then pocket the Graveyard or the Poison if it turns up.

2. What to Take and What Not to

Since it is a double elixir challenge, don’t hesitate to pick the high elixir cards. Rocket, Lightning, Golem, etc. should be chosen if they come up. If you are faced with a card and its counter, always pick the counter. For instance, You can make do with the Executioner by giving away the Lava Hound. But take the Balloon or the Mega Minion just to disrupt the opponent’s strategy.

Never go for cards like the Elixir Collector which will benefit only you and not your partner. And then again, what’s the use of an Elixir Collector in a double elixir challenge? Stay away from spawn huts and more specifically, the Three Musketeers. Double elixir doesn’t exactly work in favor of this 9 elixir card. Try to pick a quick cycle deck since it will be much quicker in double elixir.

3. Teamwork is Critical

There is a simple trick to know your partner’s in-play cards when the battle has started, if you didn’t know that already. Click and hold your partner’s name in the bottom right corner of the screen. His/her current hand will immediately pop up. Also, hover your cards for a few seconds before deploying them. That way, your clan mate won’t try to defend the same lane unless need be.

You need to push, counter push, or defend at the same time as your partner. For instance, if your teammate has deployed the Hog Rider, follow it up with the Goblin Gang or Poison immediately. If you think the opponent’s air push is proving too much for your partner’s Executioner, don’t hesitate to deploy the Minion Horde or Musketeer for support.

4. Ended Up with a Bad Partner?

Don’t lose hope. Ideally, you should make the circumstances count. Does, your partner drop spells unnecessarily and blunder big time in-game? Forget him/her. Just play your own game and try to win it to the best of your ability. You can’t really do anything if you face off against really good opponents, but at least you would have tried your best! Just get your teammate to read this guide the next time around for facilitating a win.

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