How to Effectively Use Clash Royales New Heal Spell

Which Clash Royale Troops Work Best With Heal Spell

It has been close to a month since the Heal spell in Clash Royale was released. But most Clashers are still at a loss regarding its workings. It is easy to determine that tanking troops are most in need of Heal spells in Clash of Clans, like Giants and Hogs. However, in Clash Royale, it is an entirely different story. Admittedly, you can still use the spell on Giants in this game, but the effect won’t prove to be as conducive since there is only one giant to heal. Here are 6 Clash Royale troops with which the Heal spell works in perfect conjunction.



Clash Royale Lava Hound and Heal Spell DeckThe Heal spell not only benefits the formidable Lavahound but its flaming Minions as well. Imagine the havoc that your support troops could wreak if the hound tanks all damage double-time! And even if the Hound pops before the Heal spell fades away, its Minions can still deal quite a lot of damage within the confines of the healing radius. Most Clashers tend to use Zap to take out the Minions, but it would hardly do any damage to the fire-armed menaces in this case.



Clash Royale Balloon and Heal Spell DeckDid you know that if left unchecked, a single Balloon can smash your tower? That is the reason why clashers make it their first priority to take down the Balloon before facing the hound. However, when the Balloon is combined with the Heal spell, Goblins and Wizards won’t be able to take it down so easily. And when bunched up with the Lavahound in the double-elixir stage of the showdown, the tower is bound to vanish in the blink of an eye.


Hog Rider:

Clash Royale Hog Rider and Heal Spell DeckIf you are planning to use the Hog Rider as a means to destroy the second tower while your main army attacks the first, the Heal spell would decidedly fortify this strategy. If the Hog Rider is left unattended, it can even wipe out the entire tower and reduce the King tower’s health to half. We would also recommend using the Hog Rider with Goblins and a Heal spell if you are planning to push a single tower at a time. Highly efficient!



Clash Royale Sparky and Heal Spell DeckDon’t give up on the least used Legendary card just yet. The Sparky can prove to be a challenging troop if used in sync with the Heal spell. When teamed up with the Wizard and/or the Musketeer, your opponent will never know what hit him/her. Oh yes, the soothing healing powers render another shot or two to Sparky at the tower, thus improving its effectiveness in the higher arenas.


Three Musketeers and Other Support Troops:

Clash Royale Three Musketeers and Heal Spell Deck
How many times has the Fireball demolished your attack? With the Heal spell in your repertoire, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The Three Musketeers are probably the most lethal support troops in Clash Royale. They are bound to be given their insanely high elixir count. Rest assured that the Fireball won’t be able to take them out so easily when they within the healing area.


Ground Tanks:

Clash Royale Ground Tanks and Heal Spell DeckGiants and Barbarians will take a double beating with the Heal spell in tow. It will allow them to tank more damage than usual. And that includes the Elite Barbarians as well.

Use the Heal spell wisely, and you will find yourself at the top of the Legendary arena quicker than it takes to shovel a snow-covered backyard!

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