Clash Royale Strategies Ultimate Graveyard Guide

In-Depth Graveyard Strategies with Poison, Freeze, and Other Spells. Graveyard Decks Explored.

The Graveyard is amazing! If you know how to use it… Too many times have I copied decks from top ranking Clash Royale players hoping that it would work for me as well as it does for players I watch on TV Royale. If you’re tired of failing miserably using the Graveyard or you’re just interested in giving the Graveyard a try. THIS is the guide for you!

Redditor, and Clash Royale enthusiast NeelDhebar has just released a fantastic, in-depth guide that goes over Graveyard + Poison and Graveyard + Freeze decks. This is by far the most amazing Graveyard strategy posts I have seen. Clash Royale Strategies was lucky enough to get permission from NeelDhebar to share the guide here with all of our followers.

Graveyard Strategies and Decks

Do you like your Gravy Frozen or Poisoned? A guide to Graveyard

Author: NeelDhebar
Original Article: Here
**: Our Edits


  • An Introduction
  • Tanking for the Graveyard
  • Important Graveyard Strategy
  • The Counters and Countering the Counters such that your opponent cannot Counter the Counter to their Counter
  • Poison or Freeze
  • Other support spells
  • Bowler Graveyard Control and its variants
  • Barbarian Hut Graveyard Synergy
  • Graveyard Cycle
  • Neel’s Freeze + Poison deck
  • LavaYard
  • Graveyard Siege
  • Graveyard Beatdown
  • Building a Graveyard deck that suits you
  • A look at my own Graveyard deck designed for ladder
  • Conclusion

An Introduction

Some people like their gravy poisoned. Others like it frozen. A few like it both ways together. In this guide, I will discuss how to play Graveyard decks with both of these spells, which synergize quite well with it. Poison is, in my opinion, a better alternative to Fireball because it does more damage, covers a larger area and provides area denial which allows you to destroy multiple counters. Freeze needs to be played at the right time and in the right situations, and if properly executed can be devastating for the opponent and prove to be more effective than Poison or Fireball. However, if played incorrectly, especially if at an Elixir disadvantage, it could leave you with very little tower damage done, very little Elixir and a nasty counter push consisting of an over leveled Minion Horde and a level 10 Wizard backed up by a 5 Elixir Golem or a certain max level 6 Elixir common card to take all three of your towers. Freeze is a high-risk card but can reap significant rewards. Poison is medium risk, medium to high reward

If you have any comments, corrections, questions, jokes, rants or memes please post them in the comments section so that I can try my best to address them all.

**Original article here

Tanking for the Graveyard

It is very important to have a troop tank for your skeletons because it greatly increases the magnitude of its effectiveness.

Tanking For Graveyard

Imagine a tower with four Doots being dropped on it with an imaginary Skeleton Barrel. For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume that the tower has a hit speed of 1 second, just as the skeletons do and each skeleton hit does 10 damage. The tower kills one of them and three skeletons hit the tower once. 30 damage done. One is killed by the tower, the two remaining do another 20 damage. One more skeleton dead, one left doing 10 damage. The damage done to the tower is 30 + 20 + 10 = 60. Now let’s say a Mega Minion at critical health tanks one tower shot. All four skeletons do damage (40). Then three of them strike (30). And so on, and so forth for a total damage of 40 + 30 + 20 + 10 = 100, with 66.66{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} increase just because of a single shot having been tanked. Now imagine your Graveyard spell being tanked for by my favorite big blue goblin or a three Elixir

Now imagine your Graveyard spell being tanked for by my favorite big blue goblin or a three Elixir broken tanky piece of shit (a.k.a. Knight) which can take so many shots while so many of your Doots are at work. It would make your Graveyard so much more powerful. I think the Knight is a balanced card though, I was just kidding. Some of the best tanks are:

  • Ice Golem
  • Knight
  • Bowler
  • Valkyrie
  • Electro Wizard
  • Mega Minion
  • Golem
  • 5 Elixir Golem
  • Lavahound
  • Elite Cancer
  • Royal Cancer
  • Ice Spirit
  • Ice Wizard
  • Executioner
  • Barbarian Hut (Will go into the details later)

Important Graveyard Strategy

  • Destroying troops with the Graveyard and attacking simultaneously. If your opponent puts down something behind their King Tower like an Ice Wizard, which is absolutely useless against the Graveyard (at equal levels at least), rush the same lane with a full Tank + Graveyard push. The Graveyard should be placed when the troop walks next to the tower so that it is killed by your Doot power and now you have a full Graveyard push, having care of that troop with the same cards (Positive Elixir Trade).
  • Get creative with your Graveyard positions. Is there an Inferno Tower threatening to melt away your precious Bowler? No worries. If you can, time the Graveyard such that the Bowler takes the tower shots and the skeletons distract the Inferno Tower with the Graveyard offset slightly in front of the tower. If not possible, you can cast the Graveyard to distract the Crown Tower and the Inferno. The Inferno is destroyed with the help of the Bowler and big guy is an additional threat. Additionally, a Freeze spell on the Inferno Tower and Crown Tower would be great.
  • When to Graveyard. Graveyard is your win condition. Even if you have other win conditions in your deck like the Giant or Mortar, Graveyard often. Of course, make sure you have a tank and enough Elixir to support it with spells and to defend against a potential counter push. The damaging spells used to support the Graveyard are also win conditions because they can take more than a thousand hit points off of your opponent’s tower during a match. That is why you should play them often. Even when you are not using your Graveyard, it is a good idea to use then to damage the tower and take care of troops(Poisoning a Princess and the tower, etc.). When your opponent places down an expensive card/tank, Graveyard the other lane. This will be effective because they will be low on Elixir and will be unable to support their tank to build up a large and deadly push. Once you see your opponent use up a counter, it is a good time to cast your spell.

The Counters and Countering the Counters such that your opponent cannot Counter the Counter to their Counter

The most common way to eliminate a Graveyard counter is with a spell. Common and uncommon counters:

Graveyard Counters

  • Archers / Barbarians:
    One of the most common Graveyard counters and one of the best, because they to not die to Zap, The Log or Arrows. Freezing the tower will result in them being taken out later. Poison works fine.
  • The Log / Zap / Poison / Arrows / Fireball:
    You cannot stop a spell. But you can definitely bait one. Goblin Gangs, Skeleton Armies, Archers, Minions, Minion Hordes, Princesses and other troops commonly taken out with spells can be played. Once the spell has been used, Graveyard away!
  • Guards:
    An underused card but the best counter in my opinion because even poison takes a few seconds to take them out while other spells do not kill them. Freeze works well, Zap or Log to weaken them or else Poison is the way to go.
  • Minions / Minion Horde:
    These cards are the bane of a Bowler Graveyard user. They can efficiently take out a full Bowler and Graveyard push with little damage done and a massive positive Elixir trade. Freeze works, but be ready for a counter push. Poison will take a few seconds but work. However, my recent decision to replace The Log with Arrows was quite wise because they are the best counter to these cards found about 90{793653e60bf2c6d512788183170b80ea7e347e273e595c4683e29e4155b44414} of ladder decks in lower Legendary Arena (according to my Battle Log).
  • Valkyrie:
    The only effective spell against this immodest warrior is the Freeze. Hope she doesn’t get hypothermia with her scanty clothing though. Should really put on a jacket or something. The skeletons will destroy the Valkyrie and get to work doing the same to the tower, but there is a high chance a 2 Elixir spell will be used to save her (that’s why you should become a master spell baiter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). Otherwise, try to get her off your opponents rotation (again, by baiting her out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). You can also change Graveyard positions to have the Skeletons spawn mostly where she isn’t. Thanks to /u/CEHLOE for reminding me to add this in.
  • Elite Barbarians:
    With a tank like a Knight or Bowler, the Doots will overwhelm the cancerous cells, so do nothing. Freeze will, however, ensure that the tower vanishes.
  • Giant / Golem / Royal Cancer:
    I don’t know why people do this so often. Unless there are additional counters, do nothing. I love it when this happens. The Graveyard destroys the tank, but most Skeletons die in the case of the Golem. However, I heard of an interesting video from someone named E-Clips or something titled ’50 FREEZE SPELLS TO STOP A GOLEM’S DEATH DAMAGE!’. Haven’t watched it yet. Tell me how it is. This seems like some next level Clash Royale strategy.
  • Ice Golem:
    A great counter. Nothing can be done about its death damage which wipes out Skeletons. All you can do is wait for it to get off your opponent’s rotation, not worth trying to deliberately get a cheap cycle card off rotation.
  • Skeleton Army / Goblin Gang / Spear Goblins / Goblins:
    Any spell will do, Freeze not recommended for Skarmies.

Don’t worry, just defend well and keep taking down each counter with spells. The spells will do a lot of damage and you may get a few skeleton hits each time. A slow chip and good defense will win you the game.

Should I use Poison or Freeze in my deck?

Graveyard Poison Deck or Graveyard Freeze

If you are good with Freeze, defend well with an Elixir disadvantage (design your deck accordingly) and most importantly enjoy this card, Freeze is for you. If you like lower risk, use Poison, it does damage a works well too. You can even include both in your deck. Play the game your way (not encouraging the use of certain common cards).

Poison and Freeze are both in my deck, which one in this situation?

Poison is especially good for Skeleton armies and a whole variety of swarm cards. If you can use its large area to catch multiple troops or buildings like spawners or Elixir Collectors, it’s a good idea to use it. Freeze can be used for a last second win, at times of Elixir advantage and more freely during double Elixir time. You can even opt to use it as a surprise card to catch your opponent off guard and do a lot of damage. It all comes down to: Do I want Poison’s satisfying Skarmy pop, Freeze’s thrill, or both?

Other support spells

Freeze and Poison are all good, but you need something cheaper and more versatile. I have used both The Log and Zap, which work great, but I have recently taken a liking to the Poison and Arrows synergy. This 3 Elixir card has an enormous AoE and can take out what Zap and The Log can and many things that they can’t. Too many level 13 Minions Hordes flying around up here (or down here) in Challenger. Poison is too slow to take them out before they’ve done an enormous amount of damage to my tower, melted my Bowler and Knight or destroyed half my Graveyard.

Fireball is good too, but Poison is much better (overall). Whatever suits you. Rocket is a big no-no. Heal is too situational for a precise Graveyard deck. Clone is fun and interesting because cloned skeletons are just like regular ones in the respect that almost everything except that poor Wizard from the North kills them in a single shot. Graveyard Mirror Clone Freeze Rage the King Tower at your own risk.

Bowler Graveyard control and its variants

There are many interesting Gravy Bowl decks. I will discuss three. Let’s start with a slot method for these types of decks.

  • Win Condition (Graveyard)
  • Main Win Condition Support + Tank #1 (Bowler)
  • Cheaper Tank #2 (Knight, Ice Golem, etc.)
  • Ranged Support (Archers, Electro Wizard, Musketeer, etc.)
  • Secondary support (Mega Minion, Minions, Baby Dragon, Skeletons, Ice Spirit, etc.)
  • Building / Tornado (Inferno, Tombstone, and Furnace are the best buildings to use)
  • Main support spell (Freeze, Poison, Fireball)
  • Secondary versatile spell (The Log, Zap, Arrows)

The deck must be balanced enough to deal heavy enough damage but at the same time not compromise on splash damaging units. If most units are squishy, an Inferno Tower is better than a Furnace.

The Original Bowler Graveyard Control

This deck dates all the way back to 2016 when the Graveyard first came out. This ancient deck has mostly commons and rares for all you F2Ps, poor P2Ps, and not-maxed-out-Epics-and-Legendaries-but-otherwise-maxed-out-level-13s.

  • Graveyard
  • Bowler
    This guy is the King of Ground Defence with very high health, knockback, and decent damage but is balanced because of his slow hit speed, small boulder splash radius and great vulnerability to air. Yarn from Orange Juice tells you to put an Ice Golem between the Bowler and Elite Barbarians when defending to prevent a lot of damage to the Bowler in his video, but if you have 1 Elixir Skeletons, they do the same job for an Elixir less (every Elixir counts).
  • Inferno Tower
    Unless you know your opponent doesn’t have Lightning, place the Inferno Tower near the bridge towards the other side so that a Lightning spell cannot catch your Crown Tower and the Inferno Tower.
  • Mega Minion
    A good tank and versatile defensive unit. Most importantly, can take out high health ground units safely from the skies. Only dies to 6 Elixir Spells.
  • *Ice Golem / Ice Spirit / Skeletons
    *Ice Golem is a god tank and can kite units to their death. Both 1 Elixir cards are good for making positive Elixir trades on defense and cycling your deck. The Ice Spirit can tank a Graveyard and then go on to Freeze the tower, allowing for greater Skeleton buildup at the cost of 1 Elixir.
  • Poison / Freeze
    Your main support spell.
  • The Log / Zap
    Cheaper spells for swarms.
  • Archers / Electro Wizard
    For countering Graveyards, Balloons, Baby Dragons, Princes, etc. The Electro Wizard can support a Graveyard and both of these cards are offensive threats. If you begin the match with split Archers, you can have a single Archer tank for a few skeletons or the Graveyard tank for the Archer. This single Archer will have to be taken care of to prevent a lot of damage being done to the opponent’s Crown Tower.

**Watch Orange Juice’s excellent videos about this deck here.

In case you are not familiar on how to kite with an Ice Golem, let me explain. It is quite simple really. Let’s say a Mega Minion, Mini P.E.K.K.A. or Prince is coming down one lane. Just hold the Ice Golem ever so slightly in the other lane and release once you see a red exclamation mark over the incoming troop. Then just sit back and watch the troop run after your Ice Golem and walk into range of both towers, to its death.

Gravy Bowl Nado

Graveyard Tornado Deck

You might have seen Chief Pat play this deck a while back.

  • Graveyard
  • Bowler
  • Poison
  • *Baby Dragon
    *A high health unit to tank for your Graveyard and take out swarm units from the sky. Needs to be addressed when on offense. When paired with Tornado, it can take out large pushes with its splash damage.
  • Skeletons
  • Tornado
    Good on defense, it is cheaper than the Inferno Tower. You can suck almost any unit into the King Tower to activate it. Against Hog decks, once the King Tower has been activated, simply pull the Hog and supporting units in range of all three tower for a complete shutdown.
  • Knight
    Very high health with a good hit speed and decent damage. Used for defense and as a tank.
  • Electro Wizard

This deck is fun to play, but I didn’t stick with it too long because six out of eight cards were either Epics or Legendaries. Difficult to level up.

Let’s talk about LavaLoon, a strategy used (mostly) by 11-year-olds and brain-dead individuals. It’s very easy to play. Place Lavahound. Place Balloon. Arrow everything. Lighting. Rinse (wash your dirty hands). Repeat. The Original deck shown above does better against LavaLoon because it has two air-attacking troops and an Inferno Tower. What you must do is pressure the other lane as mentioned before.

To take out a push consisting of a Lavahound, a Balloon, Minions and a Mega Minion place down your Baby Dragon (you can also use an Executioner). Tornado everything together. The splash damage will take care of the Minions and most of the Mega Minion’s health. Now place your Electro Wizard on top of the Balloon to deal that extra damage to completely shut it down. It is most effective to use the Tornado when the push has just reached in front of your tower. Now counter push with your surviving Electro Wizard or Baby Dragon. Half of the cards in this deck can be used to tank for the Graveyard.

A fun Graveyard Freeze deck

Graveyard Freeze Deck Freeze Yard

Also came across this deck in a Chief Pat video. It uses Freeze and Arrows. If you are using Freeze, you have to use Arrows with this deck, or else you will be very vulnerable to threats in the air. It is heavy at 3.9 Average Elixir but has many good cheap defensive options like the Goblin Gang and Knight.

  • Graveyard
  • Bowler
  • Freeze
  • Arrows
  • Knight
  • Goblin Gang
    A versatile fast response defensive card. Does a lot of damage to towers and also a good Graveyard counter. The runner.
  • Inferno Tower
  • Mega Minion

This deck doesn’t need much explanation. Play like the decks mentioned before. Arrow Minions, Minion Hordes, and Skeleton Armies. Try to get maximum value out of your Freeze. Have fun.

Barbarian Hut Graveyard Synergy

Graveyard Barbarian Deck

  • Graveyard
  • Electro Wizard
  • *The Log:
    *Takes out ground swarms, Princesses, Dart Goblins and can be used to push a Miner onto your King Tower (use the edge of The Log to push a troop in the direction of the edge).
  • Knight
  • Archers
  • Skeletons
  • Poison
  • Barbarian Hut

A tank of a building to shut down almost any threat with help from the Crown Towers. Why is the Graveyard good with the Barbarian Hut? A Graveyard deck is traditionally defended and counter push. What can be more defensive than the Barbarian Hut? Very few things, if any. Apart from that it constantly pressures your opponent with a steady stream of tanks. Usually, when you place down a Bowler, your opponent will realize you are trying to build up a Graveyard push and will make attempts to take it out before their tower locks on to it so that it is unable to tank for a Graveyard.

With a one time seven Elixir investment, you will keep getting tanks, and your opponent never knows when you will decide to Graveyard. They cannot afford to take out each wave worth 0.7 Elixir using high-cost troops so they will let the Barbarians enter the range of their tower and you can surprise them anytime with a Graveyard. A Hogrider will get two hits on a Barbarian Hut before it becomes pork chops. Due to it’s 70 second lifetime, you will always be able to place one down as soon as the previous one has been exhausted. The deck above can use the Furnace instead of the Barbarian Hut. It can cycle relatively fast, with the Skeletons and The Log.

Graveyard Cycle

Graveyard Cycle Deck

Using both 1 Elixir cards, and an Ice Golem as a tank, a Graveyard cycle deck keeps pressuring opponents all the time. You absolutely cannot allow a large push to build up because the cheap cards in your deck are squishy and will be destroyed by a full push. Keep using your Graveyard, especially when a large tank is placed down so that your opponent is unable to support it. Then you can melt it with an Inferno Tower, preventing a large push.

  • Graveyard
  • Poison
  • The Log
  • Ice Golem / Knight
  • Ice Spirit
  • Skeletons
  • Inferno Tower
  • Mega Minion

This deck does well against LavaLoon and is capable of taking out a full LavaLoon or Golem push with a few skilled plays, but don’t let them build up in the first place. Place this deck like any other cycle deck, if you’ve played Hog Cycle before like me it would suit you.

Neel’s Freeze + Poison deck

Graveyard Freeze Deck

I’ve mentioned Poison and Freeze being in the same deck before, so I’ve got to show you one. I couldn’t find any, so I made my own.

  • Graveyard
  • Executioner
  • Freeze
  • Poison
  • Tornado
  • Knight
  • Electro Wizard
  • Skeletons

The playstyle of this deck is similar to that of the others which I’ve discussed above, with the difference being the lack of low costs spell to take care of units. The Executioner and Tornado combination should be used to take care of pushes and works well against Lavahound decks. Knight and Skeletons can completely shut down Elite Barbarians. Your main tank for the Graveyard is the Knight while the Executioner and Electro Wizard are usually used when counter pushing.

The 1 Elixir cycle card is necessary to get value on defense and keep the average cost low, allowing for cycling your Graveyard faster. Hog Riders can be sucked into the King Tower and then Tornadoed into the center, allows no Hogrider hits and a complete shutdown. Larger Hog pushes can be taken care of with the Executioner and Tornado, using the Skeletons to damage supporting units like Knights. In the case of all tanks, one must pressure the other lane. Although the deck works well against Lavahound, two specific troops need to be taken care of carefully, the Giant and Golem.

After having pressured the other lane the Executioner + Tornado can take care of the supporting units while damage is dealt to the tank with the Knight, Skeletons and the Electro Wizard. With Royal Giants, damage can be dealt with the troops I have just mentioned, Tornado it away from the tower if necessary and then counter pushing with the surviving units. With the increased load time of the Royal Giant, when you are a tower down and the Royal Giant is placed at the center, it can be pulled near the King Tower with the Tornado so that it doesn’t target your Crown Tower, and then Skeletons will take care if the Royal Giant. You can choose whether to Freeze or Poison counters (I’ve discussed this already).


Graveyard Lavahound Deck

LavaLoon is quite popular, but some like to play the Graveyard with the Lavahound. Here is a deck I came up with along with my clanmate and good friend /u/AgentElement :

  • Lavahound
    At tournament standards, this beast has slightly less health than a Giant but cannot be targeted by many troops and buildings. Upon death, it releases six Lava Pups. These attributes justify its cost. Usually, a Miner is used as a tank for the pups, but at two Elixir more, the Graveyard is quite a threat. A LavaYard push has the Lavahound tank for the Skeletons, taking out any counters with spells as usual. After the Lavahound pops, the Skeletons tank for the Lava Pups, and even when the tower has been destroyed, the surviving units are a great threat to the King Tower on their own.
  • Graveyard
    Played like in any other deck, with the Lavahound as a tank.
  • Poison
    Poison is preferred over Lightning because it is good with both the Graveyard and Lavahound. It eliminates Graveyard counters along with common Lavahound counters such as Musketeers, Electro Wizards, Wizards and Minion Hordes.
  • Arrows
    Function similarly to Poison.
  • Baby Dragon
    A good card to support the Lavahound and take out other Graveyards.
  • Mega Minion
    Another card to support the Lavahound.
  • Tombstone
    A defensive building to be planted before making a heavy investment in the Lavahound for defending against rush pushes.
  • Skeletons

A cycle card which is good for defending to make positive Elixir trades. Agent Element and I tested this deck against various schlub-type Giant Beatdown decks which had Wizards, Witches, Minion Hordes, Elite Barbarians, etc. and found that it worked quite well. Playing this deck will definitely get you more respect than playing a LavaLoon deck.

Graveyard Siege

Graveyard Siege Deck

If you read the contents, you might have been puzzled or surprised. Graveyard Siege? This one surprised me too. It is a recent innovation. You might have seen it on T.V. Royale being played by Pong. It uses the Mortar, a high health building which works well both defensively and offensively. These are usually cheaper cycle decks, a cross between Mortar Cycle and Graveyard Cycle.

  • Graveyard
  • Mortar
    Use this to pull units into the kill zone. It has enough health to survive a Lightning spell and can take out buildings like Elixir collectors and troops from afar with it’s very high range.
  • Poison
  • Ice Spirit
  • Skeletons
  • Knight
  • The Log
  • Electro Wizard

Graveyard Beatdown

Graveyard Giant Beatdown Deck

This is one of the first Graveyard decks.

Slot method:

  • Win Condition 1: Graveyard
  • Win Condition 2: Golem / Giant
  • Support Spell 1
  • Support Spell 2
  • Building / Tornado
  • Support Unit 1
  • Support Unit 2
  • Fast Reaction swarm card

Played similarly to any old Beatdown deck. The tanks are also winning conditions, with each of them being a threat. Cheap support units are used. It is okay to take tower damage as long as a good counter push is formed.

Building a Graveyard deck that suits you

We all have different playstyles and needs. We may prefer a fast deck or slower one. You might want a deck with a greater number of Commons and Rares for easier leveling. Here is a slot method with explanations for any Graveyard deck:

  • Win Condition
    The Graveyard obviously. The Giant can replace the Graveyard in most Graveyard decks and work well enough.
  • Main Support Spell
    Poison / Fireball / Freeze
  • Secondary Spell / Main Support Spell 2
    If you are using Freeze and Poison in the same deck, then this slot takes the other spell. Otherwise, you use a cheaper spell like The Log, Zap or Arrows.
  • Main tank
    In heavier decks, this could be a Bowler or Giant while a Knight or Ice Golem work in lighter decks.
  • Secondary Tank
    A Knight, Ice Golem or an Ice Spirit fill this role, a cheaper tank than the first one is used. This should also be a good support card for defense.
  • Building / Tornado
    For defensive purposes, a Tornado paired with Bowler / Executioner works. Otherwise, you can use a Barbarian Hut, Furnace, Inferno Tower or Tombstone (good for counter pushes as the Doots pile up and add to the Graveyard).
  • Support Unit 1
    For cheaper decks, this could be something like Skeletons. The Goblin Gang, Minions, Mega Minion, Archers, Baby Dragon, Electro Wizard, Executioner and Skeleton Army are good options.
  • Support Unit 2
    Another unit as mentioned above. Some of these units can also double as Graveyard tanks.

A look at my own Graveyard deck designed for ladder

I used to use a deck that had three Legendaries and two Epics, which would prove to be very difficult and expensive to level up. The deck that I have built recently has four Commons and a Rare for easy leveling up. The only Legendary is the Graveyard, which is one of the least level-dependant win conditions, while I have only the Bowler and Poison spell as Epics and I request either one of them (mainly the Bowler) on Epic Sundays while also making sure to buy one of them whenever they appear in the Shop.

The only Legendary is the Graveyard, which is one of the least level-dependant win conditions, while I have only the Bowler and Poison spell as Epics and I request either one of them (mainly the Bowler) on Epic Sundays while also making sure to buy one of them whenever they appear in the Shop.

  • Bowler
  • Poison
  • Graveyard
  • Inferno Tower
  • Archers
  • Knight
  • Skeletons
  • Arrows

The Arrows replace The Log and are really important because of the level 12-13 Minion Hordes everywhere, completely destroying my Graveyard and other ground units like the Bowler, Knight, and Archers. Poison is too slow to take them out before they have destroyed everything. Miner + Minion Horde pushes get a lot of damage on my tower with Poison’s slow effect.

Poison is too slow to take them out before they have destroyed everything. Miner + Minion Horde pushes get a lot of damage on my tower with Poison’s slow effect.

Miner Graveyard Deck

In the comment section of the original post, there was a good deck posted by doggysty1e. Here was the comment.

“Why is there no mention of Miner? Miner Graveyard is an amazing synergy if done correctly. That is, placing the Miner on the opposite side of the majority of your graveyard so both can’t be Valked. In double elixir, there is plenty of time to poison as well with this combo. I often find they don’t let your knight or bowler come across the river or pre-place archers behind their tower but with Miner, Graveyard can be a total surprise. I have made it well into legendary arena with this combo”

Mine Graveyard Deck

Conclusion From NeelDhebar

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide till the end, it really means a lot to me. I thought I would give back to the community since Reddit Clash Royale has helped me (and entertained me) so much. I hope you learned a few new things and have improved your Graveyard game. See you in the Arena!

The End

**We just want to take a moment to say thank you again to NeelDhebar for letting us share this amazing guide with the Clash Royale Strategies community. I know that not only our reader but myself will greatly benefit from this guide.

Please Consider sharing it with friends & please follow us on our Facebook page. Likes and shares are how we keep our website going, and these strategies and guides coming!

If you have an idea for a strategy or guide that you’d like to see? Comment below, and we will do what we can to create it for you! 😀

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