Things Clash Royale Players Hate

Most Clashers Simply Hate these Things in the Game

What do you think makes any game addictive? The things that you love about it? Think again! It is the things that you hate that reel you back into the game every single day. Would you rather play the game that easily takes you to the top or one that poses seemingly insurmountable challenges? Everyone hates something in a particular game that keeps motivating them to play better.

Oh yes, hate is a pretty intense inspiration that brings out the best within most participants. The thing is, we humans are heavily dependent upon our ability to hate in order to keep competing against each other in a combative environment. This utter abhorrence regarding an aspect of the game fiercely drives us to solidify our determination to emerge victorious.

Similar is the case with Clash Royale. Unless you hate something in the game, you may not dream of playing it every now and again. And there are several aspects of it that clashers absolutely despise, which makes them more addicted to the game than usual. Here are the top ones.

1) Irritating Speech Bubbles

Things Clash Royale Players Hate - Laughing Emote
Oh, you may positively jump in delight at the prospect of vexing your opponent with the speech bubble in-game after you have won the battle. But how infuriating is it for you when you lose the match and the opponent shoots ‘Thanks’ balloons and laughing emojis? I hear ya! Nothing in this world can bring up your rage to the boiling point than the continuous bombardment of your opponent’s laughter.

You are not alone in bearing the brunt of these inescapable antics of the Clash Royale universe. Almost every clasher wishes to throw his/her phone on the wall or cast it in the bin upon enduring this simple yet inexplicably severe torture. However, it is time to admit that you do wish you could exact revenge on another player for your embarrassment at the hands of an entirely different clasher.

That is what keeps you coming back into the Clash Royale arena. No matter how many annoyances you face, there is always some redemption to be had which outmatches the intensity of the former. And now you know that these speech bubbles are behind all your addiction to the game. Good luck getting over that!

2) Crown Chest Woes

Things Clash Royale Players Hate - Crown Chest Woes
Imagine that you are one crown away from unlocking the Crown Chest. All you need to do is destroy one opponent tower. However, your adversary starts defending his other mini tower when he has full chance of eliminating your King tower. And there goes your chance of bagging the Crown Chest quickly. How uncool is that!

What about when you have three crowns left to win? Imagine your exasperation when the opponent takes down your King tower with a difference of a second or two. If only your structure would have held for a teensy bit of time! It doesn’t happen, especially when you are on a deadline.

These instances, and then some, of Crown hunting, occur more often than not. And each time that they do, you wish that you had never started playing Clash Royale in the first place.

3) The Minion Horde

Things Clash Royale Players Hate - Minion Horde
As you might know, the Minion Horde is one of the rare few cards in Clash Royale which can take down a tower in the fastest possible time. It is also very easy to counter with the Zap or Arrows. However, what if you have just expended those two spells and don’t have enough elixir left to tackle the swarm?

Your opponent may call it proper timing, but we say that it was pure bad luck. Seeing your tower getting obliterated with easily defensible troops is a horrific scene. I, for one, can’t watch it panning out as I sit idly by. I’d probably even dare to delete my account! Anyway, so many clashers have been caught up in this dilemma that it definitely deserves a place on this list.

4) Uneven Matches

Things Clash Royale Players Hate - Unfair Levels
Be it the wars in Clash of Clans or the arena matchups in Clash Royale, we always despise an opponent who clearly possesses the technical upper hand. In Clash Royale, your spiteful opponent may be a couple of levels higher than you are. He/she may even have troops leveled up way beyond yours. The only thing that person may lack is skill.

With sheer brute force, he/she takes away the battle right from your grasp. Nobody wants to be in the place of the skillful loser. Yet, somehow, we always end up right there. Oh, how we wish we were brainy geeks and technological geniuses just so that we could improve Supercell’s matchup algorithms!

I am certain that you have experienced at least one of these aforementioned setbacks in Clash Royale. I’m even willing to bet that you have been a part of all four of these. I understand how you feel but am as helpless as you are. As always, you are welcome to share any other annoying grievances that you may have with the game in the comments section.

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